4 Things I Forget To Be Thankful For…


1. Waking up in the morning…

Every single day is a blessing. Its hard to be thankful for the gift of a new day when the alarm clock shrieks at 7:15AM and I have to drag myself out of a comfortable bed and into a job I unequivocally hate, but even still– the fact that there is breath in my lungs is a blessing in and of itself.

Lord, I thank You.

2. My ((Annoying)) Children…

I had a very ROUGH morning… and said some things to my children I had to go back with tear-filled eyes and apologize for. && Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones piling all up to ridiculous numbers— but I am forever thankful to have 2 1/2 amazing children. I complain, I fuss, I yell, I ignore— but I love them with EVERY piece of me. Its easy to take that for granted…

Lord, I thank You.

3. My Husband…

Its easy to forget to be thankful for the person who is ALWAYS there for you…. you start taking them for granted. I am thankful for the support, the unconditional love, the joys, the laughter, the opportunities for growth our marriage has presented me with. My husband ROCKS.

Lord, I thank You.

4. The Hardships of Past and Present…

I realize I cannot be a DIAMOND if I am not molded by pressures around me. Life hasn’t been easy and so often I ask for the EASY and ignore the hardships because lets face it— NO ONE wants to struggle. But I admit, my struggles have made me the woman I am today.

Lord, I thank You.


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