Are You a Part of the Flock?


They say “birds of a feather, flock together”. Back when I was a child, I used to dispel this as mere fiction. It was impossible for me to be labeled  based on how my friends/associates were in their personal lives. Just because certain people were promiscuous, and we were close, didn’t make me promiscuous— even if we did all have the same bad attitudes and propensity for violence. I refused to distance myself from those with qualities I dare not partake of just because someone MAY think I’m the same type of “bird”.

These days, my thinking has changed.

I know the dangers of guilt by association and I realize that eagles NEVER fly with crows && so my circle is small by design. Not because I am better than anyone but because I am aware that I am DIFFERENT. Granted, I am not everyone’s cup of tea but truth be told, I have NEVER liked tea. Hot or cold. Lemon or iced. Go figure.

I am so proud of my relationship with God and all that I know Him to be in MY life. I am cognizant of my flaws and my shortcomings and I am thrilled to know a God who loves me despite those things. I am thankful for the mind to want to be more like Him… and the desire to walk under His guidance and in His will. I am humbled by my imperfections, my struggles, and my trials. I am blessed by the testimony I have lived to tell….

I know my testimony is a testament for others of how GREAT God is.

When God moves in your life and shows you that you ARE destined for His kingdom, you have to align your actions, your talents, your gifts, your PURPOSE with this destiny. You have to believe that YOU ARE His child and you have to take action to ensure you are doing all that you can to worship Him and bring Him to the forefront of your life. I am at the point in my life that I seek to be OF GOD more than I desire to be of the world.

I can’t just talk any ol’ way and expect to lead others to Christ. I can’t enjoy my margaritas and boast on the gratifying effect of two for 1 specials and expect people to believe I love God as much as I claim. I can’t just be a Sunday mornin’ Christian with knee length skirts and modest blouses but wear garments of sin on every other day of the week. If we claim to have this relationship WITH God, we must decide that we are for Him 24/7. We have to decide we want Him more than we want ANYTHING ELSE.

I am blessed to have been raised in the church. If someone burned every Bible ever printed, I can say I have the contents therein written on the tablet of my heart. I am blessed to be able to teach my husband and my children the ways of Christ and I am truly happy we are able to share in this journey together as a family. I was so proud of our son recently— he started reading his children’s Bible on the way to school one morning. We got to the school and he was so engrossed he decided to take it into the school with him to read when he finished his work. My son came home that day and announced he read the ENTIRE book while at school— and, at 6 years old, he started telling me the stories of the Bible that he read.

I thank God for discernment. I thank God for growth. I thank God for the desire to love Him all the time— regardless of who is looking. I believe women of God should carry themselves in a certain manner, project His image of virtuousness, and be models for those in the community. This shouldn’t be a front— a costume put on when we seek attention or we want to APPEAR godly.

We have to live this thang.

No, we are not perfect. Yes, we falter. Yes, we stumble and fall. But we get up. Each and every time— we get up and get back on one accord with God. I challenge you to desire more for your life. Trust God more for the things He promised us. Take a moment out of your day and just say THANK YOU. You are alive today because a being greater than yourself woke you up this morning. You are alive because God kept you amongst the living.

“Choose ye this day whom ye will serve”


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