Knots & Nooses (Poetry)


Our souls are anchored  in murky waters

Sinking ships down somewhere near the Sea of Forgetfulness

Yet I cannot help but cling to you

And remember

Every sordid detail of what we shared

Though the ties that bind us are knotted in sin

We stay making nooses out of this rope

Hanging from proverbial trees of knowledge

I have come to know better

but I still run back to you

The ties that bind

The lies we were both bound to tell

One another

Trying to escape

And break free

Lies like this time will be the last time

And this is really goodbye

But we all know what lies beneath those words

There are devils dancing there

Rejoicing in our failures

The reuniting of knotted souls

Drawing nigh to one another when we least expect it

A simple hello places this noose around my neck

The thoughts which accompany it surrender me useless

Fighting it seems useless

And though whatever this is IS broken

Our soul ties remain


Knot after knot


And I don’t want to die with this noose around my neck

But I cannot find a way to live without it being there

Without you

being there

Feeling like a dead woman walking with this corpse dragging behind me

Reminding me of my failures and missteps

Mistakes I cannot take back

Mistakes I remake every single time my mind wanders to those paths once walked

And I smile at the memory

Roses can bloom from concrete

But hearts hardened from past pain can never fully let go of those who once loved them purely

Even if they never called it love

Even if in sin

Even while on sinking ships

Even in between choked breaths

And with nooses growing tighter around our necks

We are bound…




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