Story Of My Life…


I have always dreamed of writing my life story… I just never felt “successful” enough to complete the task. I mean, what would be the point in telling this dramatic tale, if the ending was that I’m still a work in progress? Typically, autobiographies should be used as a way to inspire— and unless you become a celebrity (in your own right), you aren’t very inspiring these days.

& so the story of my life remains a dream.

I saw this quote today–“Don’t be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others” and I was truly inspired by those words. Although I am a very proud woman, there have been situations I have faced that have evoked every emotion except pride. In fact, they were very embarrassing AND DIFFICULT to go through— and I have been ashamed to speak of them. So… I don’t.

However, I know there are others who would be inspired by my story. There are so many people experiencing challenges with their parents, their children, their marriages, and their friendships. There are so many people trying to decide whether they want to commit suicide or not. There are couples facing hardships they never imagined they would face… and mountains they do not feel they have the strength to climb. There are parents who feel they aren’t equipped with the tools necessary to raise their children the right way. There are people struggling to find their place within the body of Christ.

I have learned there is a testimony within every struggle you overcome… there is no need to be ashamed. There is no need to be secretive about your past— because it is BEHIND you. There may be others who want to focus solely on what you have faced… they may want to use those trials against you… they may try to bring you down with those issues that once weighed you down… BUT you have the final say. YOU have a reason to smile… YOU have a reason to brag… YOU have a reason to feel GREAT about your life because YOU MADE IT THROUGH.

I am no longer ashamed…

I know God gave this particular story to me because I am the ONLY woman PERSON I know strong enough to give Him glory in spite of it all… I am the ONLY PERSON I know who would be able to make it over all of these mountains. My life has been one heckofa mountainous region… even though I have lived in Florida my entire life!  But God knew what my story would entail before I ever had the idea to write it… before I had the breath within my lungs to live it… and waaaaaay before I had the strength to look back over it with a smile. God knows.

& so the writing begins…

I’ve always had this vision to write my story… but I wasn’t satisfied with the place I was in life at that point. I thought I needed to be some world-renowned poet, some doctor, some celebrity, some famous educator BEFORE I was worthy enough to share my testimony with the world. I didn’t want to step on any toes… I didn’t want to have to answer questions about my struggles or explain them to those who would not offer constructive criticism.

The devil always wants you to think it’s never the right time to share your testimony…

because he doesn’t want someone to be blessed by your story!

WELL, somebody is gonna be mad!

I am a living testimony…

With a gift of words…

& my testimony is coming SOON!

Get ready, get ready, get ready!


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