I Did, I Do, & I Will Forever♥

I decided to renew my vows this past weekend in celebration of our 5 year wedding anniversary…


…&& my husband had NO idea.

We both decided we wanted this anniversary to be a special one. Making it to the 5 YEAR mark was a journey in and of itself. We planned the perfect escape to the beautiful and sun-filled Key West, (our very FIRST time going), arranged for beachside couple’s massages (our very FIRST time doing that), and were gifted with a beautiful night in the most amazing, relaxing, and breathtaking resort– Santa Maria Suites.

Our gift from the staff of Santa Maria Suites... #PoppinBottles
Our gift from the staff of Santa Maria Suites… #PoppinBottles

My husband and I have talked about vow renewals for thee longest time… ever since we were married in the courthouse 5 years ago, we planned to have this big shindig to celebrate a milestone year sometime in the future. Although there are some who don’t believe 5 years is such a great accomplishment… I know without a doubt that this past 5 years (and mainly our ability to make it to this point) is one of the GREATEST accomplishments of my life.

I headed to Google a week ago unsure of what I was looking for… I only knew I wanted to make this anniversary a very memorable one for us both. I decided I wanted to surprise my husband… in honor of the man I have watched him grow into… the man I have loved unconditionally… and the man who loves me— and then I came up with the PERFECT idea.

I called a few places for ceremonies in Key West… and I ended up speaking with this woman with thee most beautiful and pure spirit. She literally had me tearing up on the phone as she described the manner in which the surprise vow renewal would take place… her company EZ Weddings In Paradise (www.ezweddingsinparadise.com) was the ONE. After meeting Peter & Sharon (a husband and wife duo) I knew I had made the right decision!

I told Terrell we were going for a special brunch on the beach. We went shopping for his attire… because I told him we needed to be dressed up for the waterfront brunch which was “made special just for us”. I told him I wanted us to write vows to share with one another at our special brunch… and he did.

Once we arrived in Key West, our suite was ready… we went inside, explored, were amazed, and chilled on the balcony. He smoked the cigar he bought juuuuust for that special Key West vibe lol && I sipped the champagne provided for us.

#SuiteLife #SweetLife
#SuiteLife #SweetLife

We went for our a PHENOMENAL Couple’s Massage at the lovely Waldorf Astoria property— Casa Marina– & also had lunch there afterwards. De-Li-Cious!

My plate... mmmmhmmmm
My plate… mmmmhmmmm

The next morning, the surprise vow renewal was scheduled for 11AM— you know, the time of BRUNCH lol However, Mr. Gordon decided he was hungry at 9AM. I sent Sharon a text— asking if we could push it up an hour so he wouldn’t be too suspicious. To my delight, she obliged! So, we began getting dressed. I was tooooo excited… bubbling over with excitement. The fact that he was clueless was phenomenal. Typically, I cannot hold water. Literally, we never even wait until Christmas Day to to exchange gifts. We are always too excited to see one another’s reactions…

Dressed and ready for "brunch"
Dressed and ready for “brunch”

So, we head to Smather’s Beach… Stairwell #11… which has to be the most beautiful place 90 Miles of Cuba lol We walk over to these amazing rocks and I suggest we take pictures while we wait for the people to come “set up our dining experience”. Sharon and her husband Peter (the photographer) come walking up behind us— just as planned. Sharon says “Terrell” and he looks up confusingly lol She goes on to explain that his brunch is not really a brunch at all… and then the real fun begins!

Reading his vows...
Reading his vows…

I cried like a baby! lol Seriously, my husband’s vows were absolutely the most heartfelt, meaningful, and passionate words I have EVER heard him speak in our entire 10 years together. I am so proud to be married to this amazing man! Even though I planned this entire thing, as a way to surprise him, his vows were the BEST part of  my day. The one part I had no hand in creating… solely from his heart… his words made everything these past 5 years worthwhile. They confirmed for me that this marriage is a blessed union and that we are indeed ONE with a love that others cannot begin to comprehend.


I am so happy I made this decision… so happy I was able to keep it a secret… soooooo happy I am blessed with this marriage with this man! I am so excited about this journey as we move towards the next chapter of our lives.

Life is good. God is GREAT!


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