Sometimes I Love My Job…


While speaking with a gentleman this afternoon at my hotel job, he mentioned he and his wife were coming to Miami to celebrate 25 years of marriage.


Yes, let that soak in.


So, after congratulating him, I expressed how they should go ALL OUT because that is a very momentous occassion. I told him my hsuband and I would be celebrating our 5th year and they have us trumped by 20 years. What he said next was definitely what I needed to hear…

“The first 5 years are rocky… once you get to 5, you’re on the road to smooth sailing. You two will be in our shoes in no time♥”

I can honestly say marriage has been a a journey… we have laughed and cried… cursed and prayed. We have been to the point of NO retun and actually made it back! lol I cannot imagine ever not being with my husband… and I can attest that we have grown closer over the years.

I love speaking with people who have been married “FOREVER” because they always have insight and POSITIVE words of encouragement. A couple who has seen dark days is always sure to remind you that there is a rainbow coming soon… and I loooooooove the encouragement.

I love the reassurance that there are brighter days ahead. I love that my husband and I have endured rainy daysHURRICANE TSUNAMI days and have overcome. We have rebuilt our relationship and survived the darkest times of both of our lives… and hearing from couples who have endured, survived, AND are STILL IN LOVE 25 years later is amazing for me.

I love the way God works♥ I love that He puts people in our lives at the right time… He allows certain things to happen so that we may all grow and emerge better and stronger than ever.

I am so excited to celebrate 5 years of marriage with my darling husband next month and I thinkt he celebration will begin tonight! lol ♥♥♥


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