Dreaming of THIRTY♥


I have ONE goal I want to accomplish by the time I am THIRTY…

I want to purchase my first home.

Thankfully, my husband and I are pretty much the same age… and we share this same goal.

I already have the vision of what I want my home to be…



3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom.

My husband says a Family Room/Den is a must…

which translates to “I want a Man Cave”.

Our daughter says STAIRS are a must…

which translates to “I am a princess and I deserve a castle”.

Our son says a large YARD is a must…

which translates to “Im going to play professional sports and I need a place to train” lol

A good neighborhood.

I have learned it is never enough to have a dream. It isn’t enough to just SAY you want to achieve a goal… if you only lay there and dream about it. We have all heard the old adage “Actions speak louder than words” and this is uniquely true in relation to chasing dreams.

And so…

we have made a concerted effort to make this particular dream a REALITY for us.

I am so excited because we are knocking on 30… slow, steady knocks. And the years are speeding by. Every year I get one step closer to my dream of homeownership. 2013 went by SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FAST and with the last month in full effect, I am just that closer to my dream.

I find myself looking at homes online… slowing when I see a “For Sale” sign… researching neighborhoods in different states… researching the market in my very own backyard of Miami,FL….and job markets in other areas we are considering. My husband even calls me when he passes certain houses…or sees certain homes online. We are FOCUSED.

Savings. Credit checks. No frivolous purchases. Stable employment. Steady income. Yep… getting it all together.

I cannot wait for that moment when we sign on the dotted line and introduce our children to our HOME. I smile just thinking about it… a dream I know will be realized very soon… and I cannot wait.

My birthday isn’t until February… but this goal must be achieved by the time my husband turns 30 so we have an earlier deadline.

I declare it now:

We WILL own our very first home as of

JANUARY 19, 2016.

Don’t believe us… just watch!



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