C is for Average… Wait, What?

Extraordinary Family ♥
Extraordinary Family ♥

Gretel just got her FIRST C on her report card in Math. She doesn’t know yet… but she is going to be BUMMED. She got a C on the progress report but she was confident she would bring it up by the time report cards came out. The most frustrating thing is that she does not really struggle badly in Math… but her teacher this year has a heavy accent (think college professor level accent) and the assignments/tests she is scoring poorly on are ALL given orally.

Yes, I tried to have her classes changed. No, they are not able to. No, I don’t want further advice on how to rectify the matter. Yes, I have exhausted all options and am now providing homeschooling type instruction to her throughout the week.

My plan (once report cards are officially delivered) is to buy some ice cream for them both AND have pep talks with them both about how amazing they are 🙂

Moving right along…

I love my grandmother dearly… and I truly appreciate her taking my sisters and me in when our parents decided to go all “MIA” on us. I know without question she has been the driving force behind ALL of our accomplishments… and to this day, she is STILL the backbone of our lives.


(why is there always a but )

I wish she would have pushed me more.

Yes, I know I pushed back often… very very very very often…


I know what you’re thinking—  there are successful people who have gotten there without familial support… buuuuuut that’s not me. In fact, I have actually had this same conversation with people I consider very successful who wish their parents would have pushed them more to excel in school and extracurricular activities.

People have asked me why I enforce to my children that Cs are completely and utterly unacceptable when they are allegedly “not that bad”… and this is why:

I do not want my children to consider themselves AVERAGE/MEDIOCRE/NORMAL by any definition of the word.

Cs are average grades for the average student… the average employee… the average human being.

I know my children are intelligent… I know they are creative, funny, quirky, and driven. I know my children can one day take over the world like Pinky and the Brain (and I know that they would both argue over who is the Brain).

I will push my children to push themselves and to never become complacent in just doing enough to get by. I will continue to urge them to excel academically AND to continue pushing for success in their extracurricular activities as well.

My daughter is an AMAZING and GIFTED dancer and I will never allow her to settle for average in this gift God has given her, so likewise I will NEVER let her settle for average when God also gifted her with an unbelievable intelligence as well.

My son is an AMAZING athlete (football, baseball, and wants to play basketball and run track!) and…

if he is not Poindexter, I do not know who Poindexter is!

I will NEVER EVER EVER let him settle for average when God has clearly blessed him beyond measure.

I am blessed to have phenomenal children and I love them too much to let them believe anything average pertains to them. I believe children are taught how to behave, how to think, how to be confident, how to aim high, and how to achieve. If they aren’t pushed to do above average quality work (academically or otherwise) then they may very well learn to settle for the easy route. If they aren’t showered with love and positivity, they will come to believe they arent worthy of either.

Do you know I didn’t apply to a lot of colleges I could have easily been accepted to because I was too lazy and decided I didn’t want to write anymore college application essays?


The freakin’ English major!

I know, I know.

Do you know my grandmother didn’t really press the issue? I can’t blame her though… I mean, this was a woman who had already raised her own children, was retired from a job after 30 years, raised 3 grandchildren, had a disabled husband, AND was just happy one of us was going to college at all. I am thankful she even had THAT much faith in me to know that college was MY thing— even if my sisters chose my creative routes like pursuing fame.

I know if my grandmother had urged me to apply to other universities, I would have. If she had told me I could be a lawyer, I would have. Do you know I wanted to be a lawyer? If she had told me I could fly to the moon, I would have even become an astronaut…

…and for no other reason than because my grandmother BELIEVED and PUSHED me to be extraordinary.

I tell my kids they are extraordinary… I tell them they are exceptional… I tell them they are gifted, talented, and blessed. I remind them constantly that they are not necessarily “better” than anyone but they are the best because they are WHO GOD CREATED THEM TO BE.

Cs are average…

And a mother raising EXCEPTIONAL, EXTRAORDINARY, AWESOME, BRILLIANT children will never allow them to be labeled average.

Average sucks.


Watch out world!

Hansel & Gretel are here…


(okay, that was a little creepy. My apologies lol)


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