I will ALWAYS teach my children to be proud of whom they are. Be proud of the way you look, the way you speak, and the gifts that you have. Be proud of who you love. Be proud of your goals and accomplishments. Be proud of your intelligence. Be proud of your uniqueness.

Just be YOU.

There are many people who are ashamed of themselves because they are different from others around them. They are the thick girl in a room full of skinnies. They are the kinky haired girls in the corporate word. They are the white kid at the black school or the black kid in the predominately white school. They are the gay men on the professional sports teams.

 Recently, I was having a conversation with my young male cousin. He is an “out of the closet” homosexual male. And he is proud…

Until people start staring…

I was taking him to meet his friends out at a teen club and we had to stop to the grocery store on the way. He was dressed in short denim overalls and boots, had his hair neatly plaited down to his rump, and was rocking a cutesy shade of lipstick (which I keep forgetting to get the name of because I want it!). When we first arrived at the store, he didn’t want to get out because of the way he was dressed. I urged him out of the car and explained to him that he should be PROUD of who he is.

If you’re gonna wear it, dont be ashamed. Rock it!

When we were walking into the store, a few guys were walking out and made a snide remark jokingly to one another. He told me to walk quickly so we could hurry and get back in the car. I understood his embarrassment… because no one likes to be the butt of a joke. BUT there comes a point when you have to learn how to be COMFORTABLE in your own skin despite who is uncomfortable.

I do not pretend to understand homosexuality/lesbianism/transgender etc because I am a heterosexual woman. I am considered “normal”, I guess. I do not know if people are born “this” way or if it is a choice. But I know some PROUD people who happen to love people of the same sex and I cannot argue against what they feel and/or how they live.

If you are proud enough to wear a certain thing around a certain group of people, you should be comfortable wearing it PERIOD. If you are proud to be in love with a man and you are a man, you should be proud PERIOD. If you feel what you have going on is RIGHT… furthermore, if you feel there is nothing wrong with it… then be PROUD.

I know it’s not easy to be forthright with everyone but hiding who you are cannot be easy either.

I do not know what the future entails for my children. I don’t know who they will grow into… but, as long as they aren’t die-hard criminals, I will teach them to be PROUD of whom they are. Be proud to be that preacher. Be proud to be that quirky dancer. Be proud of your crooked smile, eczema skin, and weird allergies. Be proud of being a geek. Be proud of being a star.

I have never been ashamed of any part of myself… I was proud to be a tomboy, proud to jump gates and play football barefoot inthe street, proud to be nappy, proud to be loud, proud to be smarter than 90% of the schools I attended (lol). My message to those who are different… and are ashamed (even if you don’t SAY you are ashamed, remember actions speak LOUDER than words) :

Be PROUD to love who you love, dress as you dress, and SHINE in this dark world. NO ONE can judge you but God and though we profess to know what He deems right and wrong because we’ve read a few scriptures, heard a few sermons, and watched a few movies, at the end of the day we CANNOT judge you.

And most importantly, get a relationship with God for YOURSELF. Don’t worship someone else’s God or avoid God altogether because someone else has told you He hates you.

Live YOUR life.


&& BE YOU!



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