3653 Days ♥♥♥

10 Years Down ♥
10 Years Down ♥

It is officially our 10 YEAR anniversary!

In 10 years sooooo much as changed within our relationship (as it should). We have grown from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. We are the parents of 2 phenomenal children. We are blessed beyond measure and our experiences together these past 10 years have proven that to us both. God is real and our love is an example of just how real He is!

To tell our complete story would take an entire novel SERIES. I am working on writing it as we speak lol People will NEVER believe all that we have gone through… with each other, with our families, with friends, jobs, etc. We have faced so many challenges TOGETHER and we have overcome them all as a unit. I am so proud of us.

There are so many people (young and old) who give up when trouble arises. And we have both honestly had our moments of throwing in the towel… I even burnt the towel a few times lol… but here we are today exactly TEN YEARS from the day you asked me to be your girlfriend and we are STILL TOGETHER.

Did I mention I am HAPPY? I am happy to be your wife. I am happy to be your friend. I am happy to say that I have watched you mature into the man you are today. You are not perfect by far but your growth from quiet stranger into goofy confidant has been a once in a lifetime experience for us both.

There have been countless times I didn’t think this day would become reality. There have been times we have hit rock bottom in our relationship but I am thankful and HAPPY that we persisted beyond those issues. There have times we have hit rock bottom in other areas of our lives but we overcame those situations as well. We have gone through SO MUCH together… eviction, homelessness, starving, sickness. And yet here we stand…

Relationships are already difficult… but we have had an added level of intensity. We have GROWN UP together. Literally. From 17 to 27— every life experience– from finding ourselves to losing ourselves and finally truly finding ourselves again. We are not the same little boy and girl we were when we first said ‘I love you’ in December of 2003.

I am proud to say that I love you more than I EVER imagined possible. I love you despite your flaws… your many many flaws lol. I love you in spite of your attitude… and you love me in spite of mine. I love you in spite of your obsessive desire to clean every little tiny speck of our home… and you love me in spite of my compulsion with lying in bed watching you do it lol

I have learned not to compare our relationship to that of others because in 10 years I have learned that there is NO ONE with an identical relationship to ours. I know God knew exactly what He was doing when he allowed me to lay eyes on you… He knew what I now know to be true— YOU are the perfect man to help me grow into the woman He desires me to be.

I have grown so much as a result of having you as a companion. I am more patient, more kind, more forgiving, more humble. I am more concious of the power within me. I am more confident. I love myself more than I ever had prior to knowing you.

This life has been crazy… this relationship has been equal parts crazy, tumultuous, joyful, exciting, and intimidating. And though we have both cried tears of sadness and joy, I would NEVER change our history because this story of ours is truly a real-life fairytale.

I love you baby….
10 years down… FOREVER to go ♥


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