Mr. DeLaMont

I often think about the big people my little people will grow into. I think it is every mother’s dream to see their child be successful and I believe it is our responsibility to ensure they are given the necessary tools and role models to accomplish this. There are not many men in my son’s life… and as I look at those who could possibly be an influence on him, I think about whether their influence would be good or bad.

Recent situations have caused me to think about my son’s future as a man A LOT more than usual. Lately, I have been praying for God to give me the wisdom, gumption, and understanding to raise him into a MAN. I know once he is 18 he’ll be able to vote and once he is 21 he’ll be legally able to drink. But, the man I want him to be has nothing to do with these things.

I want my son to possess certain qualities…

respectful, independent, honest, kind, loving,

and be a man of God.

When I think about these qualities, and I check my circle for men who may show him these qualities are possible, I think about my little brother.  Although I am certain flaws exist, my little brother is an amazing young man. I wrote this poem for him while thinking about all of his achievements and his awesomeness… Pop, I hope u enjoy 🙂


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My little brother is the epitome of ambition

Had a dream

Chased it

Made the most out of his situation and succeeded at everything his mind conjured up

He is intelligent

Everything I’d want my son to grow into

Perfect example of a little black boy who has grown into his identity as a black king

And I salute him today

Not certain about his love life

I’m too embarrassed to ask for specifics

But I am certain he will make some woman very lucky

Not that I want to think of him getting lucky

But my little brother is 21 and fine so I think that goes without saying

Pop, I am proud

Proud to say I am your sister

And none of that kinda sorta step brother type love

I am your sister


Without question

And I will claim you until you decide to do something crazy like morph into your namesake

That darn Lamont can be a curse

But I am proud

Of your accomplishments

Your successes

Your ambition


That your mother raised you into the gentleman FAMU now has the pleasure to enjoy

I am sure the ladies swoon

And if not they’re not real ladies

Or they are too blinded by court jesters to recognize the king within you

Cause Pop, you are a king

I can only hope my son grows to look up to you

Chase his dreams just like you

Hold his head high despite the odds just like you

I hope he conquers the world just like you

Have a heart of gold just like you

And his swag

Yea, I hope he has that just like you too

I cant recall one thing you’ve ever done to disappoint me

So I hope my son makes his sister proud of him

Just like we are all

so very

proud of YOU


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