We Are The Champions!


This Sunday I will experience something I have been waiting for nearly 10 years…

I will walk across the stage as a GRADUATE of an institution of higher learning. I will be graduating from Union Institute & University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education with an obvious concentration in English.

I can honestly say I have never been more proud in my life.

It’s funny because while others do not measure their success by their educational achievements, I have always had the goal to graduate from college. Although I have a husband, I have two children, I have a stable job, and I am happy with my life— I have always had the mentality that I would not achieve my desired level of success without a degree.

Lord knows I have been enrolled in a number of universities and handled a shitload plethora of issues which prevented me from completing my studies in a more timely fashion. Lord only knows the amount of discouraging circumstances I have faced and the amount of anger, frustration, shame, and disappointment I have battled year after year without my degree.

But only Lord knows the level of sheer excitement and JOY I have as a result of my hard work. I cannot even explain it sufficiently right now but I am literally on cloud 9,000,000 right now.

Yesterday, I took my cap and gown pictures. I almost burst into tears. Seriously. Lol

Then, I got my graduation tickets…

and was able to take my cap and gown home….

Which ultimately led to me walking around the house in heels, cap, and gown.

Don’t judge me. O_o

I often downplay my achievement because I know so many people who have already attained their Bachelors and are working on their Masters and even Doctorate degrees. But these days, I am less attentive to the achievements and journey of others and more focused on my personal journey. I understand the path I took in order to reach this destination and I know God was preparing me for this point in my life…

Gosh, I am so friggin’ happy.

In all this excitement, I still don’t know what I am wearing OR how I am going to do my hair. All I know is I am READY. This moment is long overdue and I just cannot wait to walk across that stage…

Someone cue the music!

Weeeeeeeee are the champions. Weeeeeeeeee are the champions. Weeeee are the champions of the wooooooorllld!!!!


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