#Destiny <3


I have been blessed to intern within a classroom filled with the most amazing students. Although they each have their own slight cases of hyperactivity-pox, chatterbox-disease, and complain-about-homework-itis, they are truly a great bunch of kids. Give or take a few… lol

The students have all embraced me unlike I imagined would take place within my role as an intern. This Friday, a student confided in me about her life and the many layers that make her who she is. She is such a beautiful girl with an amazing smile and a great spirit… but her story is one that is truly heartbreaking. As she shared with me, with tears in her eyes, I could not help but become overly emotional myself. I just felt honored to be in the presence of a young woman who has been through so much and still is going through so much but has NOT given up.

At 17 years old, she is legally emancipated from her parents. Her mother, who chose a sexually abusive step father over her 2 daughters, has had no contact with her and has shown no interest in rebuilding a relationship with them. Her younger sister is now in foster care. And this beautiful little girl is living at the Salvation Army, working a full-time job, AND is only a junior in high school.

All I could do is pray…

I explained that God never puts weak people through these types of situations. He knows she is strong enough to handle it and he uses these stories and harsh realities to build up His kingdom. She can either allow this to break her or to propel her into excellence. I shared bits and pieces of my own childhood with her to show her that I didn’t always have this “great” life. Although our stories aren’t identical, they are similar enough for her to see that sunshine comes after rain. Always.

Your trials do not define you. They mold you. They help you develop character, humility, STRENGTH, wisdom, and an unbelievable faith in God. Trials help give you a testimony no one can turn a deaf ear to. Trials are what made me the woman I am today… and those same trials and tribulations are what keep me chasing my dreams day in and day out.

This student truly impacted my life yesterday. I could not help but share the story with anyone who would listen. I am so grateful for those who listened.

God brings people into your life for a reason… and this girl has taught me so much in this one interaction than I ever imagined I’d learn. It is okay to cry… it is okay to be sad… but you can never allow disappointments, heartaches, and setbacks to prevent you from accomplishing all God has set out for you to do. My story took her by surprise and she made sure to let me know that I am proof that she can overcome these issues she is currently facing. I encouraged her to build a relationship with God… pray and pray often. As a child you hear it often from adults but you don’t grasp it until you are actually wise enough to accept it. I truly hope she takes heed…

I have been saying this a lot but this exchange further convinces me that I am in the right place at the right time within my life right now. This is the field I am supposed to be in. This what I am supposed to do with my life…

Thank you Lord for clarity…

Thank you once again for confirmation.



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