I Double Dog Dare You…


Income tax time is the PERFECT time to write a blog about FINANCES. No, I am not an expert in this area. However, I believe I have made enough mistakes for my opinion to hold some weight to it. And so it goes…

I just read an article, “Signs You’re Living Beyond Your Means”.  It was very interesting, to say the least. I think it’s safe to say many, many, many, many people in this great United States have this issue.

The main problem is not that we aren’t aware of what our means are, but that we simply choose to ignore them. After all, life is supposed to be enjoyable & we only live once so why not splurge while we are here.

After working hard at a job all week, you should be able to afford a relaxing day at the spa. I have 2 jobs (an internship and then I leave to  come to my other job where I’m actually paid) and truth be told, I have NEVER gone to a spa and. Aside from the fact that I work HARD, I also have chronic back pain. Sadly, a spa day is just beyond what I can afford. Currently.

That is a snippet of the many things I realize I cannot afford.

Among others:

A brand new 2013 Kia Sephia (that I DESPERATELY NEED WANT)

A brand new wardrobe to kick off this teaching career (that I DESPERATELY NEED WANT)

A trip to the Bahamas (that I have DESPERATELY wanted for eternity!)

I could go on and on and on…

However, as I have grown and matured, I have learned those things just aren’t as significant as being able to have a roof over my head and being able to provide for my children. See, when we are young we get it twisted. We aren’t taught the way to save and invest. We aren’t taught the importance of credit scores and all of that other financial mumbo-jumbo.

Well, I wasn’t.

When I hit 18, I got a Sprint account in my name. Strike one against my credit. I could not take you through each strike if I wanted to. Hell, I don’t remember them all.

But several years, and a bankruptcy filing later, I feel I have FINALLY figured it all out. It is hard to enjoy life when you OWE other people. I no longer have bill collectors hunting me down… outside of the DirecTV lady who called me the other day o_O. I finally feel like I am FREE.

God promised in His word that I would be a LENDER and not a borrower and 2013 is the year I take Him up on His promise. Deuteronomy 28:1,12 ““If you fully obey the LORD your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the LORD your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none.”

This income tax, I will not do the typical thing. I will not get this huge refund and waste it on frivolous things. Thankfully, I didn’t do so bad last year either. This year, however, I plan to pay off ANYONE I owe (yes, Grandma. This means YOU lol) and I plan to do what I should have started doing a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago.


I plan to SAVE.

The #1 point I took away from this article was the #1 point of the article. And I quote— Signs You Are Living Beyond Your Means— “1. You couldn’t survive financially without your job’s income for at least six months”. End quote.

End my life lol

I would DIE if I didn’t have any income for six months. Literally DIE. Life as I know it would cease to exist. I’d lose my apartment. I’d starve. My husband, my children, and I would be walking everywhere! I mean, it is literally impossible (currently) for me or my husband to not have a job. If ANYTHING happened to prevent either of us from working, it would be a horrible moment in time for the Gordon family.

This income tax, I want to encourage DARE you to start SAVING for a rainy day. According to the article, “three months of expenses is reasonable, six months is IDEAL”. I’m not sure if I can reach the ideal right now but my mission is to have a “reasonable” amount in my Cash Reserve Fund.

My mission is to keep enough cushion to break the fall if ever we do fall. Life is unpredictable. The best way to prepare for the unexpected is to think ahead. Save. Save. Wait… did I mention, SAVE!?

For a second, disregard the burning in your pocket. Disregard the itch of knowing you have all of this money coming and a gazillion ideas of where the funds can go. For a moment, think about how promising life would be— how COMFORTABLE life could be— if you knew at any moment if something were to go wrong, you would be able to have PEACE OF MIND.

Income tax cannot buy you that….

But having the wisdom to SAVE and putting that wisdom into action can guarantee you a PEACE OF MIND ( at least for 3 months).

I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to give it a try.

You can thank me later ♥


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