You Should Love Me Because I Sure Do ♥

So… ITS FEBRUARY 1ST!!!  The excitement of turning 27 years old is KILLING ME! I cannot even tell you what I am doing to celebrate my birthday. Seriously, I have NO plans whatsoever but I am so friggin’ excited nonetheless!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I decided to create this list for all of my wonderful readers. I hope you enjoy ♥



This sounds conceited at first glance BUT I encourage you all to find reasons to LOVE who you are! Its so easy to find flaws in ourselves. We stand in front of mirrors and obsess over every little hair out of place, but instead we should learn to love this unruly mess we call hair and embrace who we are. I love me and you should too— love me, I mean. lol

1) I am HONEST. In the past, I was BRUTALLY honest. Who am I kidding? I was just brutal. Period. Thankfully, nearly 27 years of life has given me enough experience to know when to censor myself. I actually CARE about people’s feelings now. Its a beautiful thing lol

2)  I am a good friend. This is not always true, but it’s true in general, so I’m counting it. I am a great listener. I give good advice. I am not judgmental. And although I haven’t had to in a long time, I will fight if necessary! (Lord, please don’t let it be necessary. I have a career to think about lol)

3) I am GIFTED in poetry and writing and just plain ol’ gifted♥ If I could, I would be on every single poetry scene known to man. However, my nearly 27 year old butt cannot find an hour of free time that I don’t use snoring and drooling on my pillow. Thankfully, I am old enough to know my level of passion for poetry is not determined by how many lines I spit on an open mic but by the many journals filled to capacity all over my house waiting to be turned into poetry books lol

4) I am not afraid of public speaking. I love that I am able to speak in front of large crowds without fainting or perspiring heavily. I love that God did not instill in me the spirit of fear. I love that He chose to make me bold and in that boldness I found the confidence to chase my dreams!

5) I am blessed to think logically. For example, I am a nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore I am perfect. See that awesome logic?!

6) I sing in the shower. Loudly. And I love that I am able to convince myself that it sounds good 🙂

7) I am not easily offended… unless it’s my husband and then I am highly offended by everything because I actually care about his opinion lol

8) I get along with everyone… MOSTLY. Nearly 27 years of life has taught me that everyone will not like me. Thankfully, nearly 27 years has also taught me that I do not and will never care about those people or their distorted perceptions of who I am. 🙂

9) I am getting better at apologizing and forgiving. I am PROUD of this fact♥

10) I look damn good naked & I have the tapes to prove it lol No, but seriously, I love my curves and every stretch mark, dimple, and ounce of fat. Ok, maybe not EVERY ounce of fat but dangit my body is not an apology so I will not apologize for loving all 175lbs of this AMAZING frame! ♥

11) I have stopped cursing AS MUCH as I used to. In fact, my vocabulary has expounded exponentially and I have other clever and more intelligent ways to express disdain than to blurt obscenities to those who arent worth the notch on the sin belt or the subsequent trip to hell. #intellectualbadass

12)I am so awesome that I sometimes forget how awesome I am and started being all humble and stuff.

13) I have a great work ethic. Even though I have this huge issue with procrastination, when something is due it gets DONE. Even if 5 minutes before deadline lol

14) I am a strong woman.  haven’t tried but I’m sure I could be a body builder if I put my mind to it lol But seriously, I love my ability to persevere. I love that I have overcome so many things in my past that many people would not have been able to bounce back from. I love my resilience. And my dedication. And my overall awesome-ness ♥

15) I am not materialistic. So many people get caught up in worldly possessions. My main goal in life is not to have an abundance of jewelry, Michael Kors watches, and fancy schmancy things I cannot pronounce. Instead, I aspire to be independent. I aspire to be a homeowner. I aspire to be debt free. I aspire to have a career doing something I LOVE. I have never needed a man to take care of me or been attracted to those who flaunt their material possessions to make up for the lack of substance they possess in more valuable areas such as spirituality and intelligence. I am thankful God has given me the gift of wisdom to see beyond the superficial ♥

16) I am a good mother. Yes, I yell. Yes, I spank. Yes, I demand respect. However, I am also lenient. I am also sweet. I wake my kids up with song (which can be a punishment depending on how you like my singing voice lol). I take them to the pool when Im dead tired. I read books. I color. I play church. And house. And doctor. And school. And Im exhausted just thinking about all of those things lol I have shortcomings but just as sure as I am not perfect, Google and I have become great friends and if Im ever in doubt about ANYTHING, I research ways to be a better parent for my amazing children. They deserve me at my best ♥

17) I am a good wife. Yes, I could sweep and mop more BUT that is irrelevant because I didnt say I was a good HOUSEwife. I am a working woman and God knows my heart lol I love that I am my husband’s backbone. I love that I am forgiving. And that I TRY to be patient. I love that I am spiritual— encouraging him to seek God. I love that I cook and fold clothes and wear sexy lingirie randomly♥ I love that I am my very own version of “ride or die” for my husband. I love being a wife and its not easy being a good one but I love that I work hard to make it work for me 🙂

18)  I have AMAZING hair. Seriously. Going natural was probably the best thing to ever happen to me (outside of getting married, having 2 babies, and a few other things). Sure it takes hours upon hours to twist it up and my Scunci allegedly ouchless headbands sometimes give me headaches, but I wouldnt put a relaxer in it for nothing! #CoilyBeauty

19) I am CONFIDENT. I have never really had an issue with self-esteem. Thank God. I pretty much skipped puberty— my teeth are straight— my booty is big AND Im intelligent! What more can a girl ask for? lol

20) I LOVE JESUS. I love church. I love preaching. I love gospel music. I know ure thinking “why is that Number 20?”. Well, my kids and my husband clearly comes before me singing in the shower but you didn’t question that so why so judgmental now? 😉 I may not be the most holy person but I love the fact that I was raised to believe in God and I know my belief in Him has made me the woman I am today.

21) I am mature… but I still know how to have a good time. I love that I cannot remember the last time I went clubbin’ and/or got wasted. I love that my priorities are in order and that I am able to grasp what being an ADULT entails. I love not being petty and superficial. This maturity thing ROCKS.

22) I respect the hustle. The naked one. The street pharmacist one. Whatever your hustle is… I don’t feel it is my position to judge you. I would PREFER if people explored other options but I know sometimes “hustling” in whatever way, shape, or form is the only option. As long as your hustle doesn’t require that you become a rapist or murderer– I’m good.

23) I like REAL shows. I remember awesome shows like “Family Matters” & “Saved By The Bell” with actual SCRIPTS and fake drama. I am so tired of reality shows— like, how many obscenities, cat fights, and flying drinks can they force down our throats before we drown in our own vomit?! OAN:I love Shonda Rhimes and ANYTHING she writes is a must see!

24) I am unselfish. I give and give and give. I have not always been in a position to give money buuuut thankfully, when people need me, they don’t NEED money (or they know calling me number for money is probably not a good idea… but I digress lol). They need a friend. A listening ear. A respectful and unbiased opinion. I’m awesome because I am able to be that for so many people. Random people. And it makes me feel special.

25) I’m a dreamer. I have so many things I want to accomplish on this side of heaven and I plan to do them ALL. I think it’s important to not only HAVE dreams, but to PURSUE them. Being a dreamer is good as long as you dont plan to sleep your way into seeing them come to fruition.

26) I love to laugh. After nearly 27 years of life, I know you have to LAUGH to get by. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff and not to sweat the big stuff (as much). Laughter is medicine and it works! I mean, of course there’s this thing called prayer that works even better but laughing is awesome too! 🙂

Last but certainly not least…

27)I am the president of The Club For Those Who Are Made Of Awesome. ((And you don’t just become the PRESIDENT of that type of club without being unequivocally AWESOME. ))


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