Thy Will Be Done…



I counseled a friend recently…

Going through a tough time, she admitted she has been battling depression lately. Unfortunately, her marriage did not survive the many difficult and tumultuous trials it faced. In that moment, while hearing her heartbreaking story, I prayed for the wisdom to say the right thing SHE NEEDED to hear at that moment. In doing so, God gave me the insight needed to motivate her and inspire myself at the same time.

I’d like to share the same advice with you all because I am certain that it applies to EVERYONE who will stumble upon this blog and read this post.

So often we find ourselves asking God for what WE want Him to do for us. We pray for long lasting marriages. We pray for well-paying jobs. We ask for things that will only provide temporary joy in our lives. For example, that long lasting marriage may be long but unhealthy, depressing, and dissatisfying. That well-paying job may be stressful and make us more unhappy than one paying less but doing something we are passionate about. We spend so much time focusing on things that WE want when we should be asking for GOD’S WILL to be done… and the ability and wisdom to accept His will as what is best for our lives.

God tends to make us privy to things we otherwise would not understand. He can turn a crazy situation into a life changing lesson. Our experiences are what mold us into the individuals we become. My friend, though hurt by recent events, is being taught about unconditional love. Her experiences with her husband are preparing her for better days. The love she is seeking to find with him, is the love God ALREADY has for her.

I used to sit up all night crying hysterically— literally unable to cry myself to sleep, I would sit up battling insomnia because every.single.thing in my life was going wrong. Marriage. Family. Money. EVERYTHING. While I was praying for God to realize I was not Job and waiting (IMPATIENTLY) for Him to stop testing me, I matured into the woman I am today.

As I look back over my life, I cannot say I wouldnt redo it without the TERRIBLE things I have experienced but I can say with certainty that EVERY thing I have experienced has molded me and SCULPTED ME into the WOMAN I am today. God allowed me to experience all of those things— being arrested, being abused, being nearly raped, being disrespected, being neglected, being tried and tried and tried again— because He knew I was strong enough to handle it AND because He knew it would take ALL of those things in order for Him to get the glory in the end.

Though it sounds cliche, and although we do not understand it while going through the storms of our lives, God NEVER puts more on us than we can handle. In the end, WE WIN if we trust in Him– IF we acknowledge God in the midst of every trial and every tribulation– IF we hold on and dont give up. God is able to see us through and He desires to see us through.

He does not call the eqipped—

He equips those He calls.

For His purpose.

Sometimes it takes death, sometimes it takes abandonment, sometimes it takes a night in jail, sometimes it takes divorce—

God does whatever it takes to get our attention and to give us a TESTIMONY so that we may uplift His Kingdom.

I am proud of the struggles I have gone through in my life because I know in the end, no matter how much I prayed — God’s will was done. All things work for the good of those who worship and love Him.

 & I love Him.

I know my story is one which helps uplift others and I am proud to say I stood the tests of time like Job…

even though I hope God never confuses us again lol


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