Marriage Memo Mondays: Marriage Like The Obamas


I always advise against coveting the relationship of others. Always. The couple you think is “perfect” may very well be two very good actors who hate each other’s guts and are awaiting the perfect moment to flee their union. Unless you spend every waking moment with people, you can never be too sure what happens underneath the surface— when the lights are on and the facades are put away high on a shelf.


Each and every single time I see Michelle and Barack Obama, I hear the voice in my head saying “I want a marriage like that!” Everything about their union just seems EFFORTLESS. The best part about being married is that I KNOW it takes work. I know there is so much effort to make things work, make things right, make things better. Each day is a concerted effort to ensure our vows remain unbroken and our union remains intact. The Obamas simply make it look as if work is not required— and I loooove that perception.

You know what they say about a job you love? “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. The Obama’s marriage is a job they obviously LOVE. And I love it too! Sure,  I don’t know what it has taken for them to get to this point where the love is so freely flowing. I mean, I don’t know the details of their marriage at all. However, as a wife of nearly 4 years, I can DEFINITELY imagine what a marriage of 20 years experiences. Good days, bad days, horrible days, great days— it’s all a part of the contract. Some make it. Some don’t. That’s life…

But Michelle and Barack Obama have not only “made it” but continuously make it look sooooo EASY. Leave it to some to deduce that love shouldn’t be hard anyway. I’m not as naïve to believe love just happens. Nothing good “just happens”. You even have to seek and find God and work with the Holy Spirit to keep Him in your heart,  so I know you aren’t going to just have love fall into your lap and not have to work to keep it. Sorry Cupid.

When I say I want a marriage like the Obamas, I mean I want a union that has been tried and tested but has passed with flying colors. A marriage where we can look at each other and just KNOW we have each other’s back without question. A marriage where respect oozes out of our pores. A marriage were love is overflowing and “effortless”. I want a marriage where we grow together, mature together, and experience life together HAPPILY. A marriage where I am his backbone. A marriage where I allow him to be the head of the household because I don’t have to worry that his position as head will automatically make me the tail. A marriage where we are one under God and God acknowledges how amazingly awesome He is in creating me from his rib. J

I want a marriage exactly like how mine is growing into…

Slowly but surely…

The Obamas.

Loving. Honest. Respectful. Loyal. Faithful. Kind. Trustworthy. Sweet. & Mushy.

The grass isn’t always greener but something tells me Mr. & Mrs. Obama have worked long and hard to get their grass the perfect shade of green for them & THAT is what my goal as a wife is—


#ChannelingMyInnerLandscapeArtist lol




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