They Call Me MRS. GORDON :)

On January 7th, I began a new adventure— Student Teaching!!!

handmade teacher's gift ideas chocolate chalkboard

I am officially in the FINAL semester of my college career (Bachelor’s Edition lol) and it feels GREAT! I chose to complete my internship at Miami Beach Senior High School and was fortunate enough to be placed with an AMAZING veteran educator. She is truly an INSPIRING woman. After working within the field of Education for 19 years, and being married for 24, Mrs. C. Richardson has led an incredible life of trials, tribulations, and ultimately, TRIUMPH. I have heard so many stories about Student-Teaching experiences that have gone bad because of poor teacher-intern relationships BUT that is definitely NOT the case for me. Mrs. Richardson has been nothing short of a God-send. I am truly blessed 🙂

This week has been a whirlwind!

In addition to being a full-time “teacher”, I am still working at the hotel on Miami Beach. *whew* Yes, I’m tired lol But, I am 100% confident that this experience will be beneficial to my future. The sacrifices I am making today are all worth it because come May when I walk across that stage and receive my DEGREE— no one will be able to tell me hard work doesn’t pay off! ((SN: I need to invest in Dunkin Donuts because Lord knows I will be lost without those Hot Lattes in the morning lol))

The students in Mrs. Richardson’s class have been very receptive to me. They have been very nice and respectful. I am excited about standing in front of the different classes teaching… that will happen veerrrrry soon. But for the time being, I have been actively engaging them in discussions, grading their assignments, becoming familiar with the students, and enjoying my time as an educator– even in this setting.

I have met a few students who have openly shared their personal stories with me and I am truly blown away by the different things these students have gone through or ARE currently going through. Their stories inspire me more to pursue my goal of being an educator. I can honestly say some of my teachers played MAJOR roles within my life. When my home life was chaotic, and my school life became chaotic as a result of that mess, my teachers were able to open up their hearts to me and show me what my potential was. My English teachers especially— Mrs. Perry (3rd grade), Mrs. Booker (5th grade), Ms. Lockhart (6th grade), Ms. McSwain (7th grade), & Mr. Reese (10th grade). They have truly ALL inspired me in some way, shape, or form and my desire is to have the same positive impact on my students. That is what Mrs. Richardson does for her students…

I haven’t blogged in a minute because I have been extremely wrapped up with this phenomenal experience… I hope u guys forgive me AND keep me in ur prayers 🙂


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