Love. Live. ENCOURAGE. <3


Last night, my daughter and I went to Winn Dixie. There was an incredibly young looking boy working… in full uniform.

My daughter asked “That little boy has a job? Wow!”

He happened to be outside collecting carts while I was putting grocery into the car. Curiously, I asked how old he was. He was 14. This is his first job. I was taken aback because that is RARE. These days, young people don’t start working until 16 (minimum).

I was impressed…

He was not walking around with a sour face.

He was not mean-mugging.

He was simply working… and seemed happy about it.

I rarely carry cash with me but something within me wanted to bless this young man. I could only find a dollar in the middle console of my husband’s car.

But… I gave it to him anyway.

I used that moment to encourage him. I told him that I don’t know him but I am proud to see him working, without complaint or attitude. It is a blessing to have the mind to want to work and be independent at that age. I explained that if he continues to work hard and strive for success, once he is an adult, he will be conditioned to hard work and will undoubtedly be successful in everything that he does. I told him I don’t know his story… I don’t know if anything during his 14 years of life has triggered this desire to have his OWN but even though I don’t know his beginnings, I know that if he continues down this path the ending of his story is bound to be a great one.

He thanked me repeatedly for the encouraging words…

And we left.

We have to remember there is POWER in encouraging others. Some people NEVER hear anything POSITIVE aimed at them. Don’t feel as if you are not equipped to give someone encouraging words because of the position you are in. I’m not driving a benz. I’m not in a career making 6 figures. I could have been dissuaded to offer a kind word because I only had a dollar at that time to give him— but that is exactly what the devil would have wanted. That young man, for whatever reason, needed me to speak to him that day. God laid it on my heart for a reason and I believe that my words helped him.

Our younger generation is not being raised in the same manner we were. They do not have parents who believe in them. Some do not have parents at all. We cannot allow any moments to pass by where we can help motivate our youth— or anyone for that matter. We are quick to point the finger at the hopeless youth who lack regard for life— but we must be just as quick to lift them up, offer kind words, and be encouraging to them.

I am thankful for the opportunity to speak with that young man. He is in my prayers ❤

I am also thankful that my daughter was with me to witness our exchange.

She now wants a job…

…as a makeup artist.  lol




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