New Year… New Resolutions <3

2013 new year sparkler

In 6 days, it will be January 1, 2013… well, if the Mayans are proven to be wrong and God proves to be Almighty and Omniscient ♥ Just as in prior years, I will be making New Year’s Resolutions. Many people opt not to… citing reasons such as imminent failure and just because it has become the “in-thing” to not make resolutions.

BUT… being the optimistic person I am, and because I can cite numerous things I want to change and goals I want to attain in 2013, I cannot breakaway from the age old tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions.

This year I am shying away from the typical— lose weight, join a gym, stop cursing— and setting more realistic and attainable goals for myself.

1) Get my Bachelor’s Degree!
2) Start my teaching career! ((& LOVE it))
3) Read the Bible daily ((The plan: Invest in one of those daily devotionals ))
4) Become more active within my church
5) Publish my poetry book!!! (
6) Save MONEY!!!!!
7) Learn to do my makeup ((Step One: Figure out what Primer is lol ))
8) Build my home library (This Kindle isn’t as effective as a nice paperback )
9) Learn new recipes (since my kids believe I am the best cook in the world)
10) Improve my relationships (Marriage, Parenting, Friendships, Family)
11) Build up my amazing sisterhood, The Miami Young Wives Club
12) Worry less!
13) Pray more!

13 things to accomplish in 2013…
Pretty simple, right?

I am very excited about the New Year and all that it will bring— hopefully more POSITIVE than negative. I am eager to embark on a new level within my life… attaining my degree, beginning my career, improving my marriage, doing my makeup CORRECTLY lol I am super excited for all that God has in store for me. After so many years of struggle, self-doubt, and stress, I believe I am finally on the path God created for me. I am strong enough to handle the obstacles I expect to face, but I am also at a point in my life where I am certain my relationship with God (along with my experiences) makes me strong enough to face and conquer the unexpected ones as well.

Will 2013 be a year of perfection?


But it will be one of introspection, LOVE, positivity, and improvement.

Who could ask for anything more??!

(Without seeming greedy, of course LOL)

Do you have any goals for 2013?? Are you setting any New Year’s Resolutions? Why or why not?


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