Welcome To December!


So it is official… The end of the year is HERE! I swear it was juuuuuust Halloween—I can still taste the Snickers I should not have consumed and see the kiddos faces of excitement—  but I digress.


And when I say “Winter” I mean that in the Miami “I-still-wont-have-to-break-out-the-snow-boots” kinda way. lol

But I am excited nonetheless.

I enjoy the holidays. I truly enjoy Christmas because my munchkins believe wholeheartedly in Santa Clause and the Mister and I do a great job keeping them hype. We’ll get our tree this weekend and decorating it each year is great fun. 🙂

Last year I made a candy calendar counting down to the BIG DAY. The kiddos have requested this again. What kid doesnt like a Hershey’s Kiss before school in the morning? LOL I didnt realize it was the first of December until laaaaaate last night sooooooo I’ll be in full calendar creation mode shortly.

Hansel was very specific in his request to Santa this year… hopefully Santa wont disappoint him because Mommy doesnt know how that PS3 is gonna come to fruition LOL Gretel just wants anything girly. She’s SUCH a girl. I mean, like “I-cant-fight-and-i-fear-confrontation-where-is-my-lipgloss” type of girl. I dont know where she gets that from!

Buuuut I know Christmas is going to be a success. We are raising our children to be appreciative of EVERYTHING even if its not what you expected… and each year, they enjoy their gifts without complaint. (Of course that was before Hansel set his eyes on that PS3 and Madden 2k13 LOL)

We shall see…

Welcome to December…

the end of Hurrican Season…

the beginning of endless Christmas carols on the radio.

Enjoy 🙂


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