And These Are What You Call “Big-Girl Panties”…

Back in the day (cause Im old enough to say that lol) I didnt give disclaimers. I got pissed… I popped off. I got mad… I fought. I won. lol I used to pride myself on being a “mean girl”. I was upfront and brutally honest… to a fault. Over the years, I have learned how to be a MATURE adult. Somewhere between graduating high school, moving out on my own, birthing two babies, getting married, and living this “grown up” life— I learned to put away childish things. *cough* ((For the most part))

But… there comes a time when you have to embrace ur inner mean girl and provide a rude awakening to those who choose to live outside of the realms of reality. This is indeed one of those times.

First things first, I don’t like childish people.

I don’t like drama queens.

I don’t like idiots.

I don’t like superficial, materialistic, egotistical bimbos.

*sigh* Glad I got that off my chest.

Some people still crave drama while I lost my appetite for bs a long time ago. Some desire the pitied glances received from those around who supposedly “care” about them when they choose to pout like toddler throwing tantrums. Some people just crave attention from whatever poor soul will give it to them.

You my dear… have self-esteem issues.

Don’t get me wrong— I like the attention I get when I walk into a room. A naturally beautiful woman deserves proper recognition… and have you seen this ass! LOL (toot toot) BUT, I NEVER go searching for a compliment and I’m not that hard up for one that I feel slighted if it is not given. My husband gives me LOTS of attention. Thanx babe! ♥

I don’t feel I have to compete with anyone else because I feel I am unique in my own right. My intelligence can never be questioned. My talent is obvious. My personality is contagious. I’m fun to be around and best of all, I never TRY to fit in. I was born to stand out. I don’t feel obligated to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on clothes trying to be “best dressed” because “Most Beautiful”, “Most Intelligent”, and “Best All Around” have always been my favorite superlatives. So… have several seats please.

And for the record, I wholeheartedly believe that ANYONE so desperate for attention does not love themselves… enough. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here is ur subscription.

If a woman feels she has to put effort into looking better than the next female… she’s one ugly chick. On the inside. If a man cannot pay a compliment to another woman without envy rising in your heart… you are pathetic. If everything you do is for the recognition of others… you probably hate urself.

And I pity you.

I don’t feel special when a man buys me nice things. If I like it enough, I’ll get it myself. Oh the joys of being independent. I’m not trying to fit in with the crowd— Nikki Minaj mentions Michael Kors and now you just HAVE to rock anything with his name on it. *blank stare* I have NEVER felt the need to put on a front for other people because I have ALWAYS been confident in who I am and what I have.

A real WOMAN can exist in her own right without disrespecting the next woman. You don’t have to tear someone down to build yourself UP. You don’t have to spark some fake beef to be relevant. Just be YOU. And if THIS person you are now is who you truly are, PRAY and pray often.

I attribute a lot of behavior to age… some things I did as a child, I no longer do. I don’t go knocking on doors late night at hotels. Buh-bye 9 year old Netta. I don’t roll my eyes at people I dislike. Byyyyyye pre-teen Netta.  I don’t go looking for trouble. Adios teenage Netta.

I am no longer a mean girl. And you should thank me…

…thank your lucky stars even…

Instead of finding every single way possible to piss me off.  

It’s time to grow up. Lets all put on our big girl panties and pretend we didn’t escape the vagina yesterday. Please.


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