101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

Funny story: I found an ooooooooooold blog of mine (which I was wise enough to make private) and while rehashing old memories with the hubby, I found a post on 101 things to do in 1001 days. Needless to say, I did NOT stick to those things. Disappointing.

However… I am definitely a more focused person these days… 2 years later… and I can honestly say I look forward to completing this list. A lot of these are from my old “101” list with about 3 to 5 new additions 🙂 I encourage you all to join me in this journey— create your own list and leave the link to your site in my Comment section so I can follow your journey as well. 🙂

Start Date:

November 10, 2012

End Date:

August 8, 2015

Goals in progress are italicized, goals completed are bold & sriked through
Certain completed tasks will have a link so be sure to check those out (in my 101 in 1001 page header) for the accompanying blog posts 🙂

1. Work out regularly (3 times per week minimum)

2. Lose 40 lbs Current weight: 185

3. Learn 20 new recipes to cook (0/20)

4. No fried food or fast food for 2 weeks straight 10 times (0/10)

5. No chocolate for a month

6. Renew my CPR certification

7. Become certified in First Aid

8. Get my Bachelor’s Degree

9. Set a savings goal, reach it, and maintain it

10. Learn to use Excel

11. See 25 movies I’ve never seen and normally wouldn’t see (1/25)

12. Keep a movie/DVD list for 1001 days

13. List 101 things that make me happy (0/101)

14. Build a time capsule and open it in 5 years

15. Read the dictionary from A to Z

16. Read the Bible in its entirety

17. Keep a swear jar for one month every 3 months. One quarter/swear. Donate money to a charity.

18. Learn to sign language the alphabet

19. Sponsor a child

20. Fix my credit

21. Visit Terrell’s grandmother in Chicago

22. Make a snowman

23. Visit 25 different restaurants/cafes (0/25)

24. Visit 10 local art galleries (0/10)

25. Go on a cruise to the Bahamas

26. Visit Jamaica

27. Take a drive to Key West

28. Go para-sailing

29. Go jet skiing

30. Go indoor skydiving

31. Go to NFL Super Bowl

32. Go to a drive in movie with the hubby

33. Watch the sunrise from a beach (preferably in the Bahamas)

34. Go horseback riding

35. Be a part of the live studio audience

36. Buy a new computer

37. Start and finish a scrapbook for each child

38. Print out all my photos and organize them into albums

39. Buy a living room set

40. Buy a car

41. Buy the hubby a new ring

42. Create a “Lula’s Recipes” book with photos

43. Start Yoga. Do regularly

44. Pay off library debt and return books on time

45. Get a family portrait drawn for living room wall

46. Get a mammogram

47. Visit a spa and get the works

48. Go ice skating

49. Learn about buying a house

50. Have a girls day with a close friend once a month

51. Wash and fold laundry every 2 weeks

52. Drink water instead of soda for a week

53. Get my teeth whitened

54. Learn to speak Spanish

55. Go to the eye doctor

56. Have a ME day once a month for a year

57. Take Eleanor on a mother/daughter day

58. Take Arnold to a father/daughter dinner

59. Write a novel

60. Walk in a Breast Cancer marathon (10/13/12)

61. Donate to the Susan G Komen for the cure foundation

62. Visit Las Vegas

63. Visit New York

64. Go to Niagara Falls

65. Go to a therapist

66. Go to a gun range

67. Get my gun license

68. Take a self defense course

69. Renew my marriage vows

70. Learn effective ways to control my anger

71. Adopt a puppy from an animal shelter

72. Do pole dancing aerobics

73. Get ring finger tattoo with hubby

74. Buy myself something new every paycheck

75. Get a bikini wax

76. Take a photo of myself every day until I lose 20 lbs

77. Become an official organ donor

78. Pay for the car behind me in a drive thru

79. Buy and read a new book every month

80. Get a passport

81. Self-publish my poetry book

82. Swim with a dolphin

83. Go skinny dipping

84. Fly on an airplane

85. Visit Holy Land

86. Write a children’s book

87. Get a full health checkup

88. Try sushi

89. Open an IRA

90. Get my Master’s Degree

91. Enter at least 10 writing contests

92. Delete my  Facebook profile

93. Get all of my poetry copyrighted LEGALLY

94. Brush my teeth twice a day for a month

95. Read to my children every night for 1000 days

96. Learn to do makeup

97. Get my hair done every 2 weeks

98. Be more patient with my children

99. Start a CD collection

100. Eliminate negative people from my life

101. Donate $5 to a children’s fund for every incomplete item


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