Mitt Romney is a Chihuahua

Everyone knows Chihuahuas are ALL bark and no bite.

I’d like to be unbiased— I’d like to hold these two men up to the same standards but I honestly have no expectations for Romney. There is no standard to hold him up to, in my mind, because he does NOT support me– as a woman or as a middle-class citizen.  I dont expect Romney to be honest or to have a platform that would benefit ALL Americans. I expect him to be for HIS people— upper class, Caucasion, “look out for self” millionaires.  I expect Romney to lie and be deceptive. I expect him to pretend his policies are beneficial for America— and, unfortunately, I expect some people to believe his bullcrap.

Last night’s presidential debate was quite interesting. It was entertaining to see Romney get flustered and to finally witness his robotic script-reading for myself. There is not a single fiber of my being that believes Romney won the debate las night. I find it interesting that some of us who support Obama feel as if he lost this debate simply because Romney was visibly “more aggressive”. In all 4 years of his presidency, Obama has NEVER fulfilled the “angry black man” stereotype. He has remained calm, poised, respectful, and dignified throughout his first term—despite racism, ridicule, disrespect, and ignorance aimed directly at him. I don’t understand WHY people are so shocked that Obama was so calm in his delivery last night.

Its simple—Obama plays chess.

I believe Obama’s demeanor last night was a set up for Romney’s impending failure. For the entire debate, Romney was LONG-WINDED and LYING. He consistently interrupted OUR President, continuously over talked the moderator, and successfully evaded all questions asked of him. I cannot, nor will I ever, support a candidate who CANNOT answer a question directly.

When asked about repealing Obamacare— Romney said he definitely would reverse it. When asked how— he replied (paraphrasing) “I’m going to explain that but let me get back to a point Obama just made”…. And then he proceeded to ramble off on another tangent unrelated to his plans for America’s healthcare.

What is YOUR plan for America, Romney?

Please try to ANSWER by explaining HOW you plan to change America—

and answering that you’re going to repeal everything Obama has instituted is not a sufficient response, Governor.

If you repeal everything Obama has implemented, what are you going to put in place of those policies?


Please and thank you.

Romney’s SCRIPT was filled with anecdotes about this unnamed person, that unnamed person, this little old woman, that poor unemployed father of 2, etc etc etc. “I was in New Hampshire and this woman… I was in Ohio and this family… there was an old woman who lived in a shoe…”. And although personal anecdotes are expected— I mean, they supposedly show that he has been talking to the “people”—the truth is the FACTS were not present AT ALL.

I cannot tell you ONE thing I learned about Mitt Romney from his debate last night. It is clear that his ideas and his plans for the country are written on an etch-a-sketch hidden somewhere because his entire script last night was the complete opposite of what his ENTIRE campaign stands for. Ironically, weeks before the election (and while he IS LOSING in the polls) Romney decides to switch up his entire platform. Why am I not surprised?

I think it was very WISE for OUR President to behave in the manner he did. He allowed Romney to ramble on and get his LIES out on the world’s stage. In doing so, it is going to be that much easier for Obama and for the entire world to call him out on his BS. Would I have wanted Obama to be a taaaaaaaaaad more aggressive? Sure. Romney mentioned the number 47 and I almost woke my children up screaming for Obama to insert the 47% conversation. Besides, who doesn’t like to see someone call a spade a spade? But I think Obama’s calm approach should not be considered a weakness.

The dog with the biggest bark is indeed the loudest BUT the least effective— insert my conclusion that Mitt Romney is a chihuahua.

Overall, I think Romney did a good job remembering his lines. He turned quite red in the face when asked any question requiring a straight answer— but he remembered his script enough to get the lies out. I think Obama was taken aback by Romney’s newest platform of going against everything his campaign has been built upon.Even still, I believe Obama won the debate.

I believe Obama remained poise and DIRECT in his responses. I believe Obama was HONEST and FACTUAL. I believe Obama deserves to continue his presidency because he has been an EFFECTIVE President. The country was handed over to him in the worst possible condition and he has done his best to fulfill his promises.

Republicans like to discuss how poorly he has done as a President— when truth is, the last guy THEY voted for made the economy as horrible as it is today. When Obama became President— America should have been declared a disaster area. That didn’t deter him from stepping up to clean a mess he didn’t make. Instead, he explained the road wouldn’t be easy. He admitted there would be challenges. He promised to invoke change… and HE SUCCEEDED.

Maybe you don’t feel the positive effects of his regimen in your personal life. But consider the world around you for a second. Consider those who are able to receive proper medical care under OBAMAcare. Consider the many men and women who are now able to serve this great country PROUDLY despite their sexual orientation. Consider the terrorists who declared war on our own soil that are no longer a threat because they have been killed under Obama’s administration. Consider the auto industry which was rebuilt under Obama’s administration— a decision which Romney and his counterparts opposed even though it meant restoring millions of jobs.

Let’s face it— Obama IS a President for the People!

He has gone against the grain and he is an amazing President.

VOTE OBAMA 2012 ♥♥♥


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