Scrappy & Erica

I really love Scrappy and Erica as a couple…

I cant quite put my finger completely on WHY but something about them just feels right to me.

As a wife… Im not really sure if they should pursue marriage right now…

BUT as a “babymama” I am ecstatic that Scrappy wisened up and chose the better woman & his FAMILY!

They both agree they are going to wait about 6 to 8 months prior to tying the knot. I hope during that time, they are able to seek pre-marital counseling, bare their souls to one another, get on the same page MENTALLY & SPIRITUALLY, and be 100% ready to promise eternity.

I truly hope their union works out…

I hope Scrappy is able to MAN UP the way Erica AND his daughter needs him to in order for this union to be successful…

I hope Mama Dee learns to mind her business BUT most importantly, I hope Scrappy realizes that HIS BUSINESS is not his mother’s business… especially not once Erica is QUEEN of the castle.

I hope Erica is able to overcome the hurt and pain that has been prevalent in her relationship with Scrappy. I hope she is able to regain control of her emotions… and trust her husband to love her unconditionally and move forward as a committed HUSBAND.

As a woman who has endured my own struggles with trust and monogamy, I think it is important to get on the same page PRIOR to saying “I do”. No matter how YOU write your fairytale in your head, it cannot be reality if you are not reading the same book. A marriage without trust cannot be a happy one— and will ultimately be an unsuccessful one. Once broken, trust is the HARDEST thing to regain… but it is POSSIBLE.

I believe Erica and Scrappy both have endured a lot during their relationship… and those trials have allowed them both to see they belong together. With that knowledge, I pray for their marital success.

Check out their engagement pics. ❤


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