Wonder How Im Smiling…

I find it amusing…

Some people do things in an attempt to destroy other people’s lives.

I am not now, nor have I ever been, AFRAID of someone stealing what GOD has for ME.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to do so…

No matter what my Twitter says… (follow me @JustCuzImTaboo)

No matter what my Facebook says…

No matter what I post to Tumblr… (justcuzimtaboo.tumblr.com)

Or this amazing blog of mine…

My life, though not perfect, is going according to God’s PERFECT WILL and plan for ME. Im slightly dramatic… I admit. But even when I am going through— I am never defeated. I am a strong woman… wise, intelligent, artistic, resilient, authentic, determined, motivated, and prayerful. I believe in GOD and I believe all of the promises He has made will not come back void. Therefore, I am never wholly consumed by the negative aspects of my life. As cliche’ as it is to say— I know “trouble dont last always” and joy comes in the morning.

Hell, Ive had a gazillion mornings in my 26 years…. and the sun ALWAYS shines thereafter.

My life has NEVER been perfect… and God never promised it would be. However, He did assure me that ALL things would work out in FAVOR of those who trust and believe in HIM. I may not do a lot of things but THAT— I do COMPLETELY.

If you knew the details of my story, you’d wonder how Im still smiling. The answer is simple: GOD CREATED ME. GOD WROTE MY LIFE STORY… every intricate detail (painful or otherwise) was designed by God and allowed by God for my growth and in MY favor.

Im great with words so I can go on and on and on…

…and when Im upset I usually do lol

BUT I smile better than I write…

and I do that more OFTEN than not!



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