Rock On Rhianna!

I have a newfound respect for Ms. “Good-Girl-Gone-Bad” Rhianna.  Her interview with Oprah was phenomenal. Im not really sure what I expected but I know the interview was NOTHING like I expected. In the words of Rhianna “Leave it to Oprah to make you cry”.

Rhianna’s interview was very touching… and insightful. She opened up about things the tabloids have speculated on for the past 3 years. Rhianna revealed a side to her not often shown — a softer side. The good girl revealed she hasn’t truly “gone bad” despite the hardcore persona she portrays in her hits like “S&M” and “Hard”..

The main fear Rhianna seems to have is being seen as weak or a victim. Like so many of us, she strives to be viewed as a strong woman. Despite the obstacles she has faced and the challenges which have left her a hot topic on every blog, tabloid, and magazine— she wants the world to know she is NOT a victim.

The most intriguing aspect of the interview to me, and possibly to the majority of you, was her candid responses to questions about Chris Brown and the domestic violence incident that occurred. Although many people are frowning at the revelation, Rhianna confirmed that she has indeed FORGIVEN Chris Brown for the attack. She even admitted to still being in love with him… ((told you so!)).

Allegedly, the domestic violence world is in an uproar over Rhianna’s open forgiveness of her abuser. She is now accused of “normalizing” domestic violence and being a bad representation for the clan of powerful girls SHE stands for. I think Rhianna said it best— “It’s become a title of perfection and that is something that nobody can achieve” (on being a role model).

Do I think girls look up to Rhianna? Yes. Do I think parents and the media should condemn her for being a so-called bad role model? Absolutely not. No parent should be comfortable with allowing a 20-something year old Hollywood starlet to be their child’s role model. Period. It is inevitable that 20-something year old will make mistakes. It is inevitable he/she will say something off the wall, do something crazy, dye their hair, pierce a body part, and become tatted up like a subway station in Harlem.

If you ask me, Rhianna is a pretty good role model. I mean, the girl is a freakin’ BRAND at 24! She left home and moved to ANOTHER COUNTRY at 16 to pursue her dreams… and SUCCEEDED at doing so. She is worth MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars! Sure she has had a few sexual trysts— but that shouldn’t even be public knowledge. Yes, she’s admittedly in love with a guy who abused her. But darn it— that was THREE YEARS AGO and that is HER business. If your child can accomplish even HALF of what she has in their LIFETIME… you should be proud. Very very very very very very very (to infinity and beyond) P-R-O-U-D!

I want to commend Rhianna for being so candid and HONEST during that interview. Many celebrities would have shown up and lied about her feelings to avoid the bombardment of accusatory tones and ridiculous emotional and ignorant responses that have occurred as a result. BUT she didn’t. She chose to be true to herself, acknowledge her feelings, and we should all be so thankful for that.

I know I am.

Afterall, honesty is the best policy.



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