♥ Talking With God ♥

I had a pretty rough day yesterday. Well… let me not say that. My day was pretty good… and a rough patch was thrown in just to spice things up. It kinda threw me for a loop initially, buuuuuut thankfully it didn’t ruin my day.

Have u ever talked to God and had Him deliver you an answer IMMEDIATELY? I received confirmation yesterday that I am moving in the right direction with my life and that my relationship with God is growing and strengthening. Despite the issue I was faced with— I was able to remain CALM in the face of chaos and ignore the devil’s antics.

When I got in the shower, I took my Kindle with me, and tuned in to Pandora—my usual “For Every Mountain” station. I couldn’t think of the name of this song but I knew I wanted Pandora to play it. I started singing the words— INCORRECTLY— and for some reason I couldn’t quite pinpoint what the correct words were even though I have sung this song numerous times. I just needed this song— because it sooths me and puts me in a heavenly mindset.

As the first song played… I just kept humming this song, singing the wrong words, and trying to remind myself of what it is. I promise on everything I love— the SECOND song to play was the song I was seeking!!!  I have NEVER heard this song on my Pandora station until last night.

Hearing THAT song at THAT moment was MY ANSWER FROM GOD. To me, it was God’s way of saying “Well done” in my response to the devil’s attack on me that day. It was also God’s message to me to keep doing what I am doing— keep walking in His image, keep practicing patience, keep ignoring foolishness, keep refraining from gossip, keep distancing myself from those who are against me, keep seeking wisdom and understanding, keep seeking His face, and  keep being a child of God.

I am not perfect. I will NEVER be perfect. I admit God is not finished with me yet… but I know He is working in my life and I am happy with my personal progress.

Here is the song—- enjoy ♥


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