You know how you KNOW when its time to quit your job?

When every single solitary thing about what you do for a living ANNOYS you.

Welcome to my life.

Yes, I am thankful to God for my employment.

Yes, I feel blessed.

Yes, this job is putting food on my table and keeping my head above water.


that is where it all ends.

I have worked this job for 1 year and 2 months.

Routine tasks.

Mundane responsibilities.

Every day is a constant repetition of the last…

and if I were doing something  I loved…

within a field I desired to pursue longterm…

I’d probably be satisfied.

BUT that is not the case.

Most of my coworkers are working within their career field of choice right now. They love the hospitality industry. They’re completing their degrees to do this very same boring, mundane, and blah thing for the rest of their lives. I think I am the only one who wants to work within a different field entirely… well, I can think of 2 others.

Its not that I hate my job. Well, yes it is. I do hate it. I dread waking up in the morning to come to this place. I love the people I work with— give or take a few— but loving them doesnt keep me from the massive headaches I get every time I get out of bed. It literally drains me to wake up and get dressed every morning for a job I could care less about. This is a case of extreme motivation to get my degree and pursue my career.

I sit (or stand) at this place for 8 hours continually checking the clock every hour on the hour. Time doesnt go fast… it just creeps by. Slowly. And my headache increase… slowly.

IDK how much longer I can deal. It is now one of those things you do out of necessity and not desire. I wish I were in a position to focus 100% to school so I can expedite this degree process and get my life STARTED.

Right now, its at a complete standstill. And I hate it.

God help me.



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