I ♥ U.S.Gymnast Gabrielle Douglas

My daughter wanted to be Tiana from Princess and the Frog….

…so we got the DVD, rehearsed the lines, & played dress up until she was all frogged out.

She wanted to be Willow Smith…

…so we practiced dressing awkwardly and whipping our hair until the crooks in our necks were unbearable.

She wanted to be all of those little girls on Toddlers and Tiaras…

…until the episode one little girl kept cursing and she realized her mommy would pop her in the mouth lol

And now she wants to be GABRIELLE DOUBLAS, the US Gymnast!

Finally… something mommy can agree on! lol

I looooooooove Gabrielle Douglas! Aside from her tremendous talent, her biography is AMAZING! I believe her story is one that should be shared over and over again. Gabby began formal training for gymnastics at age 6. My daughter is 6 years old— coincidence? Nope. Just TWO YEARS LATER, at age 8, she won the tile of  Virginia’s State Champion. Her story gets more interesting as she gets older.

At age 12, she asked her mom if she could move nearly 3,000 miles away to train with an elite. At 14, she finally convinced her mom to send her aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way to Iowa from Virginia to train with Olympic trainer Liang Chow. It took some prodding but Gabby’s mom made the decision to do what was BEST for her daughter. They found a “host” family, and Gabby begin her true journey to Olympic champion-dom.

I cannot imagine what that decision must have been like for Gabby and her family. BUT it shows how dedicated they both were to this dream. There are only FIVE slots available on the Olympic Gymnast team. Only FIVE girls are chosen EVERY FOUR YEARS. It takes extreme sacrifice and diligence to make it… and after reading this bio— I am not surprised Gabrielle Douglas made it!

It is a blessing…

..and inspiring!

Click this link for the”Raising An Olympian” video showcasing Gabrielle Douglas and her journey ♥ www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2L5F41tyGw


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