This isn’t the first time Ive heard it and it wont be the last… what can I say— Im blunt. I just cannot walk on eggshells barefoot in the scorching hot desert just to appease sensitive souls. This world is not one filled with sunshine and roses. Just like it doesnt revolve around me— it doesnt revolve around you either. In fact, neither of us (( or any other human being for that matter)) has anything to do with its rotation.

iAPOLOGIZE if I am too blunt for your taste. I have been working on perfecting the art of beating around the bush and pretending to gaf when iDONT but unfortunately this is the one thing I actually put my mind to that I have failed at.

iPROMISE to try harder to use tact within my dialogue to those who are easily offended. Honestly, it is never ((well, not often)) my intention to offend, belittle, or demean anyone. I know I joke alot and I tend to have this arrogant, know-it-all, i-really-dont-gaf air about me— but seriously, I do not hold myself on a higher plateau than others. I do not feel I am “better” than anyone. Granted, there are people I am better than— morally, ethically, etc etc. BUT thats neither here nor there.

For those who are easily offended, or always offended by my “slick” mouth, please do us both a favor and exercise one of the following options: 1– MAN UP and/or 2– stop having conversations with me. Simple, right?

iPROMISE it really is just THAT simple. 🙂


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