I am Anti-BAPAN!

Well… my sister is dating one… and when I say dating, I use that term as loosely as possible. I confess— we have aaaaaaaaaaaall had our share of “crazy in love moments” but this is not one of those for her. This is an all out DUMB as hell “I-cannot-be-single” relationship. ((Again, I use that term as loosely as possible because I do not consider this crap a relationship))

Anywho… the other night at poetry, the beautiful @MsIngridB introduced me to a new word— well, an acronym. It truly hit home for me because the definition of it directly defines the bastard child my sister is choosing to waste her life with. Assuming everyone has dealt with this type of individual, I am going to introduce you to the word as well. You can thank me later.


— pronounced BAP-in.

Not like Japan but bap-pin. (The “pin” is short. Not drawn out lol”

Ok… here is the definition ((and excuse my french lol I have been avoiding profanity for a while now but it applies))

A BAPAN is a Bitch Ass Puss Ass Nigga.

Here is the word in a sentence:

My sister is being conned by this broke ass BAPAN.

This has been your vocabulary word for the day.

You’re welcome.


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