One Life To Live…

Confession: I am dizzy.

I am so tired of going in circles— financially, emotionally, spiritually, and whatever else “______-ally” u can think of. Year after year, my life continues to follow the same mundane path. Yes, I am inches away from getting my degree. Yes, I have a stable job. Yes, I am ((for the most part)) happy. BUT, there are still situations and circumstances I find myself in that do not go along with what I want for myself.

Yesterday, I took a giant leap in the right direction. After praying and praying and praying ((and praying)) for God’s guidance and the wisdom to know what exactly He is guiding me to do, I made a life-altering decision. Its rather personal so I wont disclose the specifics of it. However, I am confident that it is EXACTLY what God wanted me to do.

Ok… I started writing this post on July 11th. Today is the 20th and I am happy to report that God gave me the confirmation I needed today. After having the same issue since October of LAST YEAR, I have finally resolved it. God finally gave me the wisdom and understanding to make this decision.

The next ten years of my life will be a direct reflection of the power God has and the purpose He has for me. I told my husband this is the BEGINNING of the rest of our life. I went to bed last night in sheer anticipation of what today held. And just as confidant I was in God’s ability to work it out, with all His power and glory— He did. And I thank Him for that.


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