TABOO Resurrected :)

I had a PHENOMENAL time at The Bohemia Room last night!

Held in Grand Central ((Downtown Miami)), my entourage and I were actually ON TIME for the festivities! Last week didnt go over so well. I couldnt perform because our “fashionably late” arrival came waaaaaaaaay after the open mic list was full. Wompwompwomp. I did two poems for those who came to see me ((in the parking lot, of course lol)). The show last week was AMAZING. I came home with a Theresa The SongBird spoken word CD!!! And I was able to see some AWESOME poets live on the mic.

Since my sister and her friend, Krissy, traveled from Atlanta, we made it our business to get there EARLY as all heck this Wednesday. The show didnt start until 10 but we waltzed on in at 9pm. We mingled and conversed— continuously looking at our watches as every other early patron did— ready for the show to begin.

I was second on the mic— and I performed my newest piece titled “These Fruit I Bear”. My sister was a little worried about the presentation because I have not committed it to memory yet but… I nailed it!!! Unlike others I have seen who read their poetry, I have this awesome ability to PERFORM and READ at the same time. Needless to say, the audience loved it! ❤

The best part, aside from performing, was my unforgettable intro done by the one and only @MsIngridB! It was truly my best introduction EVER! I love her so much!!!!! If you have not done so, follow her on Twitter— @MsIngridB. She is the big sister/mama/diva you NEED in your life! 🙂 Support the Bohemia Room (( and come out EVERY WEDNESDAY night to support REAL poetry ❤

The evening ended with me giving in to the unlimited FREE drinks flowing around me…

and my hiatus from alcoholic beverages soon became a thing of the past.

Did I mention how CUTE we were??

Big THANK YOU to those who came out to support me — my sister ((Dawn)), friend ((Brandi)), friend ((Krissy and her MOM aaaaaaaaaaall the way from Turks & Kaikos)), and 2 homies (Dre & Will). I appreciate all the love and support. Feels good to be loved.

I have been putting poetry on the back burner… and this was actually my FIRST time on the mic since Will was killed last year. It has been one helluva year but Im happy to return to the mic. I plan to spend more Wednesday nights at the Bohemia Room— and hopefully, other weeknights at other poetry venues across South Florida.

SN: If you would like to babysit, to support my craft, please send me an email. Its hard out here  LOL


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