RHIANNA: Ho or RockStar

Let me begin by saying I believe Rhianna is a beautiful woman. She is intelligent, passionate, talented, and um— er, a bit of a loose cannon lately. The beautiful and innocent pop singer has grown into a beautifully guilty Rated-R version of her previous persona. After the infamous and very public incident with Chris Brown, the good girl truly turned bad.

These days, there is less talk about her being a victim and more talk about her being a vixen. Rhianna has been embracing life as a rock star— and rumor has it, she has the notches on her belt to prove it.

Frankly, I don’t believe Rhianna is a ho… because I don’t know her or know enough about her to draw any infinite conclusion about her promiscuity. I believe she is a woman who embraces her sexuality— has grown up under the scrutiny of the public eye, and has finally decided to live by her terms. Screw public opinion.

I have heard and read several stories linking her to guy after guy, friend after friend— indicating she has been a little open in the legs department. BUT I don’t see how her actions are any different from anyone else in the celebrity world.

Let’s face it— these people are all very FRIENDLY. To put it mildly, they all screw each other. Wait, was that mild? Celebrities do not live according to the same rules. It’s a great big circle of fornication, adultery, and divorce— sprinkled with drugs, alcohol, DUIs, and mug shots.

Yes, I believe WOMEN should hold themselves to a higher standard than our male counterparts. Yes, I feel a certain way about promiscuous women compared to promiscuous men. BUT in the world of rock and roll, there are NO RULES.

Rhianna isn’t a common ho.

She is a friggin ROCKSTAR!

What do you expect from her?

Sex sells people!

And it feels great ((for the most part— depending on who u ask and who ure screwing))!

So, in the words of good ol’ quotable Charlie Sheen—She is #winning.

Name a celebrity whose boobs we haven’t seen? Who didn’t like Janet Jackson’s nipple slip? Whose panties have we not been exposed to?? Or whose vajayjay has gone un-captured by the paparazzi!? They get paid for showing a little skin here and there… dating this guy and that… being seen with this woman… experimenting with lesbianism ((two times for the Brittany/Madonna kiss))… it’s all a part of the ROCK STAR LIFESTYLE.

For those holier-than-thou critics— get your panties out of a bunch. This WOMAN’s life has absolutely NOTHING to do with yours and the way you CHOOSE to live it. Stop judging and start following Rhianna’s lead and START LIVING FOR YOURSELF!

And no… that does not mean be a ho lol


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