Let Me Invite You To Grow Up… Its Fun. I Promise.

I learned how to express myself at a young age. Admittedly, I wasn’t an expert at POSITIVE self-expression but my expletive-laced outbursts, REDRUM images plastered on my bedroom wall, and violent mannerisms got the point across to my liking… at that time.

These days, I’m calm.

More peaceful.

These days, I know how to talk when I have something on my mind—

And on the flip-side, I also know how to hang up in someone’s face or walk away when they aren’t open to my interpretation of things, insistent that their way is the only way, and just being plain ignorant.

Am I an expert in communication? Not by far. There are still techniques I could work on. However, I have made drastic improvements in the manner in which I handle difficult situations and equally difficult conversations.

My main goal these days is not to be right. Even though I usually am ((in my mind)), I have mastered the art of walking on eggshells and wording things carefully so as to avoid being misunderstood. And to avoid an argument.

Especially to avoid an argument.

I think one of the MOST IMPORTANT things to learn in life is how to communicate EFFECTIVELY. I am pretty good at reading between the lines but I’d prefer not to— especially when dealing with another adult.

An adult should be able to get their point across. Period. I don’t care what issues you faced as a child, I don’t care whether your household was a silent one, I don’t care if you’re shy, timid, or slow… once you are an adult, you MUST learn how to voice your opinions, your emotions, and your wishes EFFECTIVELY. You cannot honestly expect people to read your mind. And if you do expect those you interact with to be mind readers, allow me to suggest you lower your expectations.

If you have an issue with me, voice it to ME. I can respect an individual who is open and HONEST. I cannot respect someone who chooses to talk behind my back or do those subliminal attacks via social networks. Sure, venting online is good. Sometimes it’s necessary. I’ve done it… hell, this blog is proof of that.

But what I am not guilty of is remaining silent when something is truly bothering me. I may blog to vent… post a status message generalizing the subject— but I still VOICE my issues with the person on top of that.

Subliminal is good… but subliminal isn’t always effective.

BE ENCOURGAED ADULTS… COMMUNICATION makes the world go ‘round. If you’re silent— your world isn’t going around. It’s stagnant. Bland. Redundant. & Stupid.

Let me invite you to grow up.

Please accept this invitation on behalf of adults everywhere.


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