Whatever Happened To The Clique-A’Lation?

From time to time, when I run into old classmates, they ALWAYS ask about the Clique-A’Lation.

Do you still talk to them?

How is everyone doing?

Blah,blah,blah, blah

The best part about these questions is the realization that my friends and I made such a POWERFUL impact on the lives of those around us. Whether they remember us as a group of bullies or a group of intellectual badasses, the fact is they REMEMBER US. I must admit, a lot of the people who signed my yearbook are a blur in my mind. I see people out in public who look vaguely familiar— more vague than familiar– but they know me by name AND they know ALL members of the Clique-A’Lation by name as well.

Everyone wants to know what happened to us? My answer— NOTHING. We all grew up. Period. No, we dont all run together as we did in the past but NONE of us dislikes the other. We are STILL friends. Our group may be structured differently— with these 3 or 4 hanging tight, these 3 together, these 2 here, those 2 there— but we’re still here.

As a group, we have NEVER had issues other “friend”ships had. Yes, we’ve had our share of fallouts and misunderstandings. But we have NEVER done the whole “sleep-with-your-man” betrayal, the infamous “tell-all-your-secrets” backstabbing routine exhibited by other “friends” we know from highschool. No, I dont consider anyone a bestie but I hope they all know if push comes to shove, Netta is still here for them.

Hell, you cant get into a full mob brawl in the middle of the street, more than once, beat ass, and run from the cops with a group of females and NOT remain friends after LOL You cant run in the rain and come in math class wet just to torture your math teacher, Ms Henry, together and not remain friends after LOL You definitely cant grow up as a clique— some since Elementary school— be hated in unison as a clique, fight as a clique, and walk across the stage proudly with high GPAs and recieve our diplomas as a clique and then just NOT be friends in the end.

We are friends.

We are the type of friends that dont have to talk everyday. We have the type of bond that took years and years and years to establish. Ive been knowing these women since we were 12. Some since we were 9. We have experienced too much together— laughter, tears, death of loved ones, birth of children, EVERYthing. I love them in a way I dont believe anyone besides them will ever understand.

When my grandfather died a year ago… they were there for me. Kevonda and Shilda personally came to my grandma’s house and sat with us— talking, reminiscing, and just being there for me during that difficult time. Not only was he my grandfather— he was also a part of their lives as well for over 10 years.

We outgrew the friend stage a loooooooong time ago.

We are a family.

I dont care how many months go without a phone call…

I dont care who moves out of state…

I dont care if we communicate through FB and Twitter more than via telephone….

These ladies will ALWAYS be my sisters.



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