The Great Boob Battle

Photo: Brynja Sigurdardottir

For some reason, recent photographs of military moms breastfeeding in uniform have created a major controversy. Once again, the intimate act of breastfeeding has turned into some second rate version of a 3-ring circus. Some have gone so far as comparing this moment of a mother feeding and providing nourishment to her child(ren) to someone defecating, urinating, and acting a complete ass in uniform. At what point and in what world is breastfeeding and defecation synonymous?!

People clearly have nothing better to rant and rave about besides the method in which a mother chooses to feed her child and the attire she chooses to wear when doing so. Earth to idiots! If MY child is hungry, I will NOT take the time to change out of uniform, fancy ball gown, or whatever the heck I’m wearing just to appease passerby who have absolutely nothing to do with the care I provide to my child.

One marine, a woman and mother as well, had the unmitigated gall to go on record about some nonsense about how breastfeeding in uniform takes away from the role of power and such women in the military possess. She would much rather her comrades look to her as a soldier and not visualize her with a babe at her breast. Ma’m, on behalf of women everywhere— thank you for your service and STFU. I won’t even bother quoting the ignorant statement she made. Take my word for it— it was stupid.

I hope this article ((found here serves its intended purpose and ENCOURAGES women everywhere to put their children FIRST. Do not allow people to make you feel bad about something so beautiful, so IMPORTANT. Regardless of what you are wearing, what role you serve, or what title you have attained, you have the RIGHT to breastfeed! You have the right to be a MOTHER… and no one has the right to take that from you by creating a mockery of motherhood and all it entails.

#FEEDon #MOMpower


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