The Downside of Being A “Combs”

Hip-Hop mogul, Sean “P-Diddy” Combs is a proud parent right now. His son, recent high school graduate, Justin Combs graduated with an impressive 3.75 GPA and has been awared a FULL SCHOLARSHIP (valued at $54,000). Now, the world is in an uproar. Well, not literally the world— but California residents. With the rising costs of education in California, with student tuition tripling in the last 10 years, many people believe Justin should NOT recieve this schorlarship. Why? because he is a COMBS— bottomline.

Sure, he doesnt NEED the award. His father can afford to pay for his education and the education of his closest friends. I’d be more than happy to accept a P.Diddy handout *cough* I mean, scholarship. Yes, I do believe there are a plethora of other students who NEED this full ride. All of our parents didnt grow up to be rich and famous. Some of them grew up to be… well, parents.

Everyone chooses to see one-side of this story. Ignore the fact that he is a mogul’s son. The award he is recieving is NOT a need-based award. It is a MERIT-based scholarship given to Justin Combs because of HIS performance throughout highschool academically and athetically. If it were a need-based scholarship by all means take it away. BUT he should not be punished because his father is rich. He deserves to recieve his scholarship because he worked hard for it. He is now an adult— and being a recipient of this MERIT based award is one step in the right direction to creating a name for HIMSELF off of his OWN hardwork, determination, and dedication to excellence. He didnt take the normal “rich kid” route and rely only on his father’s fame and money to accomplish his dreams. Instead he paved his own road to success and I am happy UCLA has decided to ignore all the objections and award him accordingly.

Now… if he CHOOSES to give his award back to the school, thats an entirely different story. It is HIS decision to make. If it were me, Im not sure that I would. Accepting this award for me would be a way to get out from under my father’s wings— where he cannot hold anything over my head. I paid for my own education, I worked hard, I excelled on my OWN.

Rich kids should clearly be ineligible for need based scholarships…

but merit-based scholarship recipients should be selected and awarded based off of PERFORMANCE alone.

What do you think??

Read the full story here ——->



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