PSA For Those In Glass Houses

I try not to address certain things… since Im on this maturity kick,  BUT specific levels of ignorance and stupidity have to be addressed. Let me begin by quoting a familair saying— PEOPLE IN GLASSHOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES. In other words, put the stones down and go read a book.

As usual, it has been bought to my attention by SEVERAL people that you are STILL talking about me, my husband, my marriage, and MY life. Without speaking on the specifics of your situation, I would like to offer some advice that will prove beneficial for you in the long run: Learn the power of SELF reflection. Instead of worrying about whatever issues of the PAST my husband and I have experienced and OVERCOME, use that time to FOCUS on the issues you face presently and those which will undoubtedly occur in your future if you continue down the path of self-loathing and self-destruction you have grown accustomed to. Our RESILIENCE as a couple is the direct result of PRAYER, FORGIVENESS, and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is no mistake that we are together and our JOURNEY from children to adults is a testimony of our concerted effort to KEEP our vows to GOD despite past episodes of poor judgement, bad attitudes, IMMATURITY, and the feeble attempts by  outside influences to persuade us to abandon those vows.

I have experienced disloyalty on every possible level throughout my 26 years on this earth and I will continue to use all negative experiences in my life as a catalyst to GROW and IMPROVE as an individual— and as a Christian. As I grow within my marriage, and as my relationship with God and understanding of His design for my life deepens, I realize the only person I demand must side with me ((even when Im wrong– atleast publically)) is my HUSBAND && that is only because I do the same for him —((for the most part lol)).

Yes, I do EXPECT some level of loyalty from my IMMEDIATE FAMILY because they are my IMMEDIATE family… those I have been RAISED by and with.  However, as an adult, I have come to understand and accept that these titles are merely titles to some. Some family is only family by blood and that relationship does not exceed beyond the simple Webster’s definition.

No, blood is not thicker than semen— and NO,  I have NOT personally compared its consistency. For those who speculated previously— the next time you have an analytical debate about what something I said or posted online means, take 5-seconds to dial my number, and I’ll be more than happy to inform you of your incorrect assumptions. No, my husband did not sleep with my sister. He doesnt like fat chicks lol And no he didnt sleep with the skinny ones either. Just for the record before that is the next gossip. IDK what institution of higher learning you attended that programmed you to think that saying “Blood is not thicker than sperm” equates to “my husband screwed my sister” but that is not the case. Please find something better to do with your time than make my life an episode of your daytime soaps and the topic of your conversation. Thanx.

To my sister, in the spirit of forgiveness, I will say I forgive you.  Your eagerness to betray those who have stood beside you through ALL of your shortcomings, prior betrayals, and dishonesty derives from your initial betrayal to yourself. Those who spend their lives gossiping endlessly about the lives of others are attempting to divert attention away from the epic failure that is their lives— and that is the case for you.

My issue with YOU is NOT that you dont have an issue with an individual who has gone through great lengths to disrespect me, defame my character, and publically humliate me. Lets be real… you have never been a great judge of charatcer. EVER. Personally, I believe you and said scum have a lot in common morally and ethically so I am not surprised by your newfound “friendship” and desperate attempt to find an ally despite how worthless she proves to be.

I have not told ANY of my relatives to distance themselves from this individual, nor have I tried to cause friction between them. As my sibling, you know firsthand that I do NOT need, nor have I ever NEEDED, someone on my side. When I feel a certain way… when I am slighted and disrespected in any way… I have no issue with feeling this way ALONE. I fight my own battles. Always have. I protect myself. Always will. Hell, Ive even protected you. Thats what Im SUPPOSED to do as your sister. Even without reciprocation.

Some question how I can forgive my husband— a MAN— entirely and not extend the same courtesy to a relative who has slighted me (especially a sibling) and my response is simple: MY VOW to God deemed my husband and I are ONE. Everyone else is a thrid-party and my level of forgiveness for them, though genuine, does not allow me to act as if nothing happened between us. Personal choice. No explanation needed.

I cannot look you in the face and pretend as if you did not INTENTIONALLY do something with the INTENT to cause harm to ME. Your actions were SPITEFUL, INCONSIDERATE, and UNBECOMING of someone’s so-called sister and that is something you have to live with. You chose to make a mockery of a situation I experienced… a situation which initially caused so much pain in my life. My very own flesh-and-blood, same-mother-same-father, grew-up-in-the-same-household, sang-in-the-same-choir, wore-the-same-clothes, took-baths-together SISTER took a dark and embarrasing part of my life and made a PUBLIC mockery of it. Screw my husband. Screw everything and everyone else. Any issue you may claim to have with anyone else is not MY issue. Adding insult to injury, you have NEVER so much as whispered an apology in my direction for the blatant disrespect you have shown ME but instead have chosen to continue on your road of disrespect and stupidity by calling around speaking negatively about me and the relationship between you and I that does NOT exist. I have not called you, text you, or spoke of you to any degree because I have no desire to entertain those who do not ADD to my life— despite the label they wear. The issue is your lack of RESPECT for me but most importantly, and most damaging, your lack of respect for YOURSELF.

I pray that you develop a relationship with God that opens your eyes to what you deserve and shows you how it doesnt compare to what you SETTLE for. BUT, I have never been one to comment on other’s relationships and life choices. If you decide tomorrow you want to be a full blown lesbian, stripper, farmer, or nurse- Im all for it. The main DIFFERENCE between you and I is the fact that I am HAPPY with my life. I do not stick my nose into other people’s business even when you call to give me a personal invititation to join in on the foolishness. I prefer not to gossip. I have children that keep me fully entertained so your life and the chaotic state it is in does not amuse me. I choose to be HAPPY.

I am the wife of an amazing man that I love and who loves me. I am the mother of 2 brilliant beings who continue to challenge me towards growth and maturity. I am a  full-time college student with a 4.0 GPA. I work a full-time job, 40 hours a week for waaaaay above minimum wage. I  am not on welfare. I do not recieve food stamps. I do not have a HUUUUUUUGE tab on grandma’s book of debt. Together, my husband and I take care of OUR family, provide for OUR children, and work diligently to accomplish OUR dreams collectively and individually. I am truly HAPPY with where I am in life right now… and I am happy with the people who ARE here and who wholeheartedly support me and the decisions I make.

I am moving in a direction that does not have room for phony people, negative attitudes, disloyalty, and disrespect. If you are not for me, you are against me and that applies to EVERYBODY. This will be my final time addressing this situation.

*drops mic*


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