You Will NEVER Get Me To Give A D@*!

Recent reports have determined that Zimmerman suffered multiple injuries as a result of his altercation with Trayvon Martin. Apparently, he was bleeding from his head and I believe I also read something about a broken nose. My reaction is simple: TRAYVON MARTIN clearly didnt beat his ass good enough because HE is DEAD!

IF I am being PURSUED by some nutjob calling me a coon, and he made the poor decision to confront ME–

I’d knock his ass out without a second thought.

Zimmerman’s ENTIRE defense is fully loaded with a bunch of BS. There is NO reason he should have followed Trayvon Martin. PERIOD.  He should not have left his car to chase him on foot. PERIOD. You cannot be the agressor, get your ass kicked, and then claim self defense when your weak ass pulls a gun and takes the life of an INNOCENT young man.

What is even worse is the attempt by media to tarnish Trayvon Martin’s reputation by announcing the presence of marijuana in his system at the time of his MURDER. Who gives a damn?! IDC if he had just popped a trillion pills and was experiencing the high of his life— his murder is NOT justifiable. Noone attempted to paint Trayvon Martin in an unrealistic view. His parents never said he was a perfect child. He was NOT a criminal or some scum low life who deserved to be gunned down for no other reason than because he was black and some racist asshole decided it was his day to die.

Trayvon Martin could have been high off marijuana. He could have been a number of things— but he did NOTHING wrong that day. In fact, police said they believe Martin noticed he was being watched and “was in fact running generally in the direction of where he was staying as a guest of the neighborhood.” He was sober enough to try his best to AVOID a situation. He was sober enough to avoid contact with this idiot stalking him like prey. He was sober enough to defend himself after being accosted by this fake vigilante. The only thing he wasnt able to do that night— which had nothing to do with marijuana— was dodge a bullet and REMAIN ALIVE.

The images of Zimmerman bloodied and bruised do not incite sympathy or understanding of any part for Zimmerman. They only make me give a standing ovation to Trayvon Martin for having the ability to fight back—

“Do not go gentle into that good night”

I dont always have faith in the justice system… but I believe GOD will make it so that Zimmerman faces the punishment he deserves for this heinous crime. Trayvon Martin’s parents will never get their son back BUT they will see his killer punished.




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