The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing!

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These famous words were sung ((horribly off-key)) by Atlanta Housewife Kim Zolciak– buuuuuuut although the tune had a nice little ring to it (no pun intended lol), the lyrics couldn’t be further from the truth. A RING is the end-all be-all that separates relationships from marriages. And no, all engagements don’t end in marriages but WEDDING RINGS mean everything.


These days people like to settle for “shacking up” instead of actually making the serious committment to marry. They go on and on and on about the downside of marriage— spurting horrible statistics trying to justify why cohabitation trumps marriage. But au contraire—

In the words of Glenn Stanton-

“Cohabitation is not a junior, apprentice form of marriage.

Cohabitation is not an on-ramp to marriage.

Cohabitation is not marriage’s spring training.

Cohabitation is not marriage-lite.

Cohabitation is just “moving in together” so we can save some money on rent, spend more time together, and see how the relationship works out.

Marriage is an action, a decision, a statement.”

Marriage DEMANDS something of us. It demands that we TRY harder, DO better, LOVE more. Relationships, no matter how deep, are easily walked away from. At the end of the day, that person has no real obligation to remain with u. And although some people walk away from marriages just as easily, married couples are EXPECTED to stick it out, weather the storm, and make it last.

So often women brag about being wifey. They feel some type of CONFIDENCE because they live with their boyfriend, come home to him, cooking, cleaning, and screwing. Elder women will tell u— WHY BUY THE COW WHEN YOU CAN GET THE MILK FOR FREE? If you’re doing EVERYTHING for this man BEFORE he has even made a decision to be fully committed -displayed by the action of MARRYING YOU- then why would he take that step?

Furthermore, what will you have to offer your HUSBAND if you do everyting for a simple boyfriend?

Marriage is more than a wedding. The frilly dresses, bells, and whistles surrounding matrimony are all extras. People spend a lifetime worth of savings on a couple of hours MAX of celebration and then get divorced within 72 hours after the fun and games end. A wedding ceremony is just a door on the road to matrimony. It isn’t a requirement or a necessity. There is no statistic to show that couples married in $50,000 ceremonies last longer than those who marry for $50 at the court-house. The SANCTITY of marriage is based on the committment, the loyalty, the til’ death NOT the lavish pomp and circumstance surrounding it.

Marriage is not about the ring on your finger… you dont have to get on a payment plan to buy some titanic diamond in order for your marriage to be meaningful. Many couples cannot even afford rings at the initial time of their voew exchange. I never had an engagement ring myself. I know a lot of women who put all of this emphasis on the ring—“he better give me a Princess cut 3 ct or else Im not marrying him”. Complete and utter foolishness. Marriage is NOT about all of the superficial things.

It is truly a joy but it is also hard work. There is no line in the vows that say you will live “happily ever after”… but the overall happiness you will experience makes every day worth it. It has been proven that MARRIED people enjoy a more wide scale of happiness than those who are single, divorced, dating, or COHABITATING.

My husband and I dont enjoy constant happiness… but overall, we are happy. We fuss, debate, disagree, and bump heads buuuut our committment keeps us fighting for what we believe in; MARRIAGE. “The first chapters of Genesis teach us that the first two humans became husband and wife before they became anything else.  This was God’s plan” and that is the plan we live by.

Dont settle for ANYTHING less than what God intended.

There is no substitute for marriage…

it is the REAL thing…



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