Ran Into A Roach… Left The Raid At Home. Darnit.

So… I went to Winn Dixie. Just picking up a few things to cook for my HUSBAND and OUR children– u know, MY family. While in line to pay for my groceries… I notice this female looking at me. She was in the line to the left of me… and Ive never seen her before so I thought nothing of it. I began scanning my groceries… I happened to glace away briefly and notice this same girl was looking at me. She made a feeble attempt to look away and #epicFAIL. Then I started paying more attention…

Thats when I noticed the reaosn why she kept giving me the evil eye— or “ratchet eye” as I have adoringly nicknamed the look hos give u when they have an issue with u. LOL So… this unknown and equally unimportant Jane Doe was with an even more unimportant blacker-than-smut, bad-body-worse-face cockroach that Ive had an issue with in the past. The reason I say in the PAST is because even though I cannot stand the sight of her— her pathetic existance has no bearing on my life. The only reason Im even writing this blog is because I KNOW she still stalks my existance and I want to make it clear that I will NEVER leave home without Raid again. LOL

No, but seriously, I just find it HILARIOUS that 1) people have not yet learned how to talk about someone discreetly without the fool you’re talking to ruining your “secret” gossip session by looking up at the person ure talking about and 2) that desperate females who are unsure about the father of their child can waste a moment that could be used doing paternity tests on the gang of niggaz she let run a train on discussing a female who she knows nothing about, has nothing on, and doesnt come close to comparing to.

I know for a fact this roach is soft as cotton… and would definitely call the cops if a chance to throw down was presented. I just want YOU to know that if given the opportunity, I would bash your skull in and leave your child an orphan without thinking TWICE. No, I dont hate you. I never think about you. Ever. Even every blue moon when you’re not careful and I see u out and about, even though u freeze up— I pay no attention to your existence.

Honestly, for sheer pleasure alone… I would just looooooove to KOD Fight Night your lame ass— make some cash off of it… and return to the regularly scheduled programming of living a great life as wife and mommy.

Next time— just keep this in mind—

 Your shit talking aint really shit talking if ure mumbling under ur breath.

 Bad bitches speak up.

Even roaches cry out when squashed.

Get it together boo boo.



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