Illuminati: MYTH or REALITY?

I can answer that question in two words: WHO CARES?

I just had the HUGEST argument imaginable about a topic I could give 2 craps less about…

and Im pissed.

Mainly because that is 10 to 15 minutes (give or take) of my life I will NEVER get back…

but also because this individual got upset because I dont want to be “educated” in something I ultimately do not believe in.

I have heard time and time again about how this millionaire sold his soul to the devil…  this billionaire sold hers as well… and those other ones… who died on the 25th… were killed because of it. Ive heard tons of “logic” about what you hear when you listen to this rapper’s song backwards and EVERYTHING… my opinion: I dont listen to music backwards so *shrug*

I dont see what the big deal is. These Illuminati believers go on and on and on and freakin’ ON about who sold their souls and what conspiracies exist. Truth of the matter is— IF they did, it does NOT affect your life. Period. You’re still gonna listen to JayZ and turn him up loud as all hell when ure in the car. Your girl is still gonna bump Beyonce when u piss her off. Oprah is still gonna be a billionaire whom u envy… and Obama— yes, thee President of the United States will STILL be the HNIC. While you’re so focused on their souls… basically saying they’re living lavish on earth and gonna burn in hell— YOU are here broke as all hell AND still going to hell when u die. Maybe u should try to sign up at the next Illuminati recruiting session held each month on the 25th.

 GTFOH with that!

Telling me people are super successful because of the Illuminati is like telling me God is incapable of creating successful people.

Like… God cannot BLESS someone like He promises in His Word.

Like… are u kidding me?

There are just some things I do NOT believe in.

I believe in GOD.

Yes, evil exists. Yes, the devil exists.

Maybe the Illuminati exists… buuuut Im not gonna sit here and watch YouTube after YouTube… listen to backwards song after backwards song… break down and explain every.single.freakin.lyric to prove that it does.

In fact, beyond this blog post, I refuse to dedicate any additional time to the foolishness.

I believe GOD is capable of and consistently pours down His blessings on people.

I do not care about triangles and eyes on the dollar bill…

the only thing that interests me about MONEY besides its monetary value is these four words: IN GOD WE TRUST. I dont care whose picture is there… I dont care whose freakin eye is staring at me… I wouldnt even care if green was deemed the color of evil two seconds from now.

Im not the smartest person in the world…

I dont claim to be.

There are truly FACTUAL things that I do not know and have not had the ability to wrap my mind around…

you will not convince me the Illuminati is one of those things.

You will not convince me Beyonce is queen bee of these demon seekers.

And u truly wont convince me that Lebron throwing up baby powder before a game is indicative of more than the “Im  a Pimp” symbolism and the fact that it helps him grip the sweaty basketball better when he’s on the court winning those THREE MVP trophies.

You just keep on believing in the Illuminati…

and I’ll continue to trust and believe in God.



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