Life Is a Journey…

… HEAVEN is the destination.

My darling husband and I had a great conversation last night. It was quite orgasmic actaully… this thing called MENTAL stimulation should not be taken lightly. Anywho… we talked about a TON of different things and it was great.

One topic we touched upon was religion. Agreeably, we both have a long way to go before we are deemed “saved, sancitifed, and filled with the Holy Ghost” buuuuuut I believe the acknowledgement  of that journey is already a step in the right direction. We have already began to attend church regularly… rid ourselves of poisonous people…PRAY MORE… let go of bad habits… and we’re planning to read the Bible even AFTER the benediction is said. Progress…progress…progress.

 I think Steve Harvey is a great example of the Christian journey. He NEVER professed or acted as if he was better than anyone while beginning his journey to Christ. In fact, his most common saying was “God aint through with me yet”. I love his open acknowledgement that he IS a work in progress. I think a common misconception about Christians, and those who choose to follow Christ, is that they are somehow perfect beings. The expectation for them to be flawless is an unrealistic and unattainable standard which is why so many people are anti-church. They put their faith in PEOPLE who will without question falter and let you down… instead of placing their faith in GOD who is unable to do any of those things.

I officially decided to not be a member of my grandmother’s church. After being there my ENTIRE life, I am going to commit my membership 100% to New Birth. My grandmother’s church is fine— my children LOVE it— but I honestly get absolutely NOTHING from the service. Although I LOOOOOVE them all to death, my spirit is not revived, restored, rejuvenated, or ANYTHING when I leave. To avoid hurting any feelings, I continued to attend church there but I realize sparing their feelings was costing me my salvation.

I WE need to be a part of a church where the service moves us, stirs something within our soul, incites us to change— a preacher who sparks interest in the scripture and seamlessly applies it to modern day life. This is what New Birth is to us… a place where we fit in. Unlike my grandmother’s church, emphasis is not put into tarrying for repentance of sins. Ive never been fond of the “scream-til-God-decides-you’re-worthy-of-His-forgiveness” and “you’re-not-saved-until-you-have-the-Holy-Ghost-and-speak-in-tongues” method. I believe Christian life is a journey and just as we are babies first, we must first be babies in Christ. I believe in the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues but I do not believe the absence of these things means you are not saved. I have been taught that… my entire life… but I do not agree with it.

I think my confusion about the validity of certain teachings has prohibited me from giving my all to Christ. Sure the wise thing to do would be to seek clarity through prayer. Yes, I am aware of that— I was raised in the church, remember? And I have… in fact, I believe that clarity is what drew me to New Birth.

They have Bible Study— which we are eager to begin attending. 🙂 They also have so many different ministries for us to be a part of. Initially, I had plans to begin some ministries within my grandmother’s church ((in an effort to build it up)) but I believe at this point in my life I just need to BE and not create. I dont need the responsibility right now at such an early stage… its like coming out of the womb and walking around. A few ministries I’d like to join: The Marriage Ministry, the Women’s Ministry, and the Young Adult Ministry. Not sure if they have a Spoken Word Ministry but if so, Im down! 🙂

There is a long, winding road ahead…

… and Im glad to be on this journey.


Proud to be a work in progress…



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