The Great Debate: Marriage: Leave And Cleave


The Bible informs us that MARRIAGE  involves the act of CLEAVING to your mate… but I think people take the “leaving” portion of this verse too literally. I believe it means to PLACE NOONE ABOVE YOUR MATE. I do not believe God intended for any of us to completely cut all ties with our families just to be married; however, we are to make our spouse a MAIN PRIORITY, the head of the totem pole.

Wives should not hold their fathers to a higher standard than their husbands. Husbands should not place their mothers above their wives. All of that “Mama’s Boy” and “Daddy’s Girl” talk is great for children BUT when you take vows before God to forsake all others, those cutsie little things go on the back burner. Of course this does not mean your relationship with these people must be completely severed, but you must maintain a relationship where GOD is the only person that comes before your mate. Period.

NOONE should be able to or feel comfortable with disrespecting your HUSBAND or WIFE in your presence. If so, you are failing your spouse. If we become one as Christ commands in the Bible then I  am ONE with my mate so disrespecting HIM is equivalent to disrespecting ME. Just as I will NEVER allow someone to disrespect me, I will not allow anyone to disrespect him or our marriage. FAMILY INCLUDED.

In the past, I have been guilty of allowing my family and friends to make little comments about my husband. I have entertained conversations I should not have. However, once you know better you do better. I make no apologies for putting my husband first, just as I make no apologies for putting myself first. Those who dont respect my marriage have no place in my life. Period. This includes parents, siblings, whomever.

No matter how dysfunctional… no matter the ups or downs— my MARRIAGE trumps every other relationship.

Time for some #BibleStudy


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