The Headlines Read “Zimmerman Wept”…

Well guest what… TRAYVON wept too… for his LIFE!


So forgive me for not giving a damn about the tears of a cold-blooded murderer.

In better news, Zimmerman is facing SECOND DEGREE murder charges which carry a life sentence IF he is convicted. We all know he is guilty but the degree of guilt he will be charged with is still a mystery. The fact that he is FINALLY behind bars is smile-inducing buuuuuuuuut it is merely a small step in the right direction on the long road to justice. The big question now, since he is being held in Sanford, is whether or not he can have a fair trial there. Frankly, I dont think anything about this situation is fair… what happened to Trayvon wasnt fair–stalking him like prey, shooting him in the chest, taking his life,  the fact that it took 45 days for Zimmerman to even be placed behind bars isnt fair. I dont care if every juror placed on this case are avid fans of every news channel which has covered this story. In fact, I hope they are just as biased and prejudiced in rendering a guilty verdict as this monstor was in his pursuit of murdering this innocent child.

Justice will be served…

I can feel it…

the world is watching…

… and I am ready.

Cry on Zimmerman.



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