Believe it or not, just last week I liked my job.

The comrardarie…

My work schedule…

Its just easy money.

Today, eh– not so much.

I want to quit.

I dont want a job that I dread going to and that is what this place has become for me. There is nothing that motivates me to get up and go. Sure there are those handful of coworkers ((if that)) whom I consider friends that make the workday fly by. Buuuut, thats not enough. Im just tired of the behind-the-scenes foolishness that comes with being an employee there.

This is definitely MOTIVATION.

Im over these dead-end jobs…

I cannot wait for the day I can quit and begin my CAREER in a field I am destined to work in.

Im tired of this crap…
Oh… did I mention they’re hiring?

If you know the manager, you’re a shoe in. Good luck!


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