So… due to a certain co-worker pulling a “No Call No Show” stunt this past weekend, my job had a vacancy for a Front Desk Team Lead. Being the outstanding employee I am, I made up in my mind that this would be a promotion I would recieve. My beautiful coworkers also recommended me for the position…

Lo and behold, some OUTSIDER got the job. First RED FLAG, the vacancy isnt really final yet— the ex-employee just pulled a “No-Call-No-Show” this past Saturday. How can you have someone hired and starting the job by Monday???! Hell, the vacancy isnt even posted online. o_O Then— *cue dramatic music* — an emnployee from another part of the hotel informed me she heard my manager and her manager discussing the new guy and apparently my manager KNOWS the guy from her old job. Hmmmm…

Im sure that is just a coincidence.

&& Im even more sure you noted the sarcasm when you read that.

What can I say— I feel jipped out of a position I am fully capable of holding. Hell, I didnt even have the opportunity to entertain the possibility of the $2 raise. Like, I am really upset right now. Really.

The old Netta wants to pop off… buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut the new Netta is simply counting down the time until I begin my actual CAREER and toss this foolishness of a job aside.

Breathe Netta.




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