#FierceFiles: Solange Knowles

The very first time I saw Solange’s natural ‘do I was not impressed. Not that she has to impress me or anything… but I absolutely thought it was a bad idea. Ive scoured the net for the photo I saw of her Big Chop but I couldnt find it… in it, she was nearly bald and peas-y looking. I thought to myself… “Maybe if she had a nice brush…” LOL

NOT the photo I first saw lol

I have followed Solange’s natural journey and I am truly impressed by the FIERCEness of her style. I’ve read a lot about how “wierd” and “awkward” her style is. Ive seen photos where I most definitely would have shown her on the “Worst Dressed” List but then Ive seen truly breathtaking photos of her that made me forget aaaaaaaaall about the disasters.

Solange is FLAWLESS.

Complex Magazine featured her in their 10th Anniversary Issue and the photos accompanying the interview were worth sharing. Her natural fierceness radiates from the photos… the hair, the clothes, the style— it all screams EFFORTLESS and BEAUTIFUL. To me, that is what is is all about. I hate seeing women who look like they took 5 hours to get ready— cake on makeup, squeeze into the smallest ensemble in their closet, stuff their feet in ridiculous shoes, and declare beauty they are nowhere near attaining.

True beauty is EFFORTLESS.

Welcome to FIERCE!



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